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CNC Glass/Stone Cutting Machine Series--Loading, Deliver, Cutting & Breaking table – 4 in 1 Loading, Delivery & Cutting – 3 in 1 Loading & Cutting – 2 in 1

1. Japan Panasonic Sensor
2. German Bohle cutter head
3. American Honeywell Electrical components
4. Taiwan AirTAC cylinder
5. Taiwan Meanwell Power Supply
6. Japan Mitsubishi PLC
  • TOYO-LG3826/TOYO-LG3826S/TOYO-YTJ2621/TOYO-BQ2621

Product Description

The automatic glass cutting all-in-one machine absorbs a single piece of glass through a suction cup, carries large and thick pieces of glass which is placed approximately vertically on a glass shelf, and then converts the glass to a horizontal state by mechanical transmission, and then uses a cutting system to cut it. It solves the current situation of difficult, unsafe, large cutting errors and low production efficiency which are caused by the large and thick pieces of glasses.


The machine is simple and safe to operate, features with fast, high processing accuracy and labor saving. The control system of the loading mechanism is controlled by a microcomputer (PLC programmable controller), and the cutting system adopts a CNC numerical control operating system to make the entire control system reliable, simple and high automation.


The machine can walk in the workshop and rotate 360 degrees. The machine automatically locates the angle and position of the glass and integrates linear cutting and special shape cutting. From the film loading to the cutting, it is fully controlled. The equipment adopts the latest generation control system, which truly realizes the linkage between the equipment and the computer, with high accuracy and fast speed. The cutting machine has a series of latest functions such as automatic laser positioning and graphic scanning. The glass is automatically typeset, and the profile is scanned automatically, thereby eliminating manual CAD measurement and drawing. The machine uses high-performance motors and gear racks to ensure the stability of the machine itself. The cutter wheel is imported from Germany with a high hardness cutter wheel. The cutter head is equipped with a protection device to effectively prevent the cutter from colliding. The machine can be equipped with automatic labeling function and cymbal table to achieve assembly line operation.


  • Japan Panasonic Sensor

  • German Bohle cutter head

  • American Honeywell Electrical components

  • Taiwan AirTAC air cylinder

  • Taiwan Meanwell Power Supply

  • Japan Mitsubishi PLC

  • Two motor heads to drive the cutting head

  • Whole machine is free to move, and 360-degree rotate

CNC Machine

Parameters of the cutting machine 

Technical Parameters






Height of the Working Table



Glass Max Processing Size



Cutting Thickness

2-19mm (air pressure control)

2-19mm (air pressure control)

Cutting Speed



Voltage & air pressure

380V/50HZ, 0.6MPA

380V/50HZ, 0.6MPA

Loading Speed

15-40 seconds

15-40 seconds

Installed Power

11.8 KW

11.8 KW

Net Weight




 Parameters of the glass break off table

Technical Parameters







Details Showing 

cnc cutting machine

Smart Suction

After one-touch start of the glass, the machine automatically raises the boom, automatically walks and rotates to find the position and angle of the glass, and is equipped with a suction monitoring system to automatically lift the glass to the cutting table after the glass is sucked, automatically scan and cut the glass sheet.


cnc cutting machine


Smart Typography

Input the glass size, the size of the glass to being cut and the cutting shape into the control panel, leaving the left work to this machine, highly improved the work efficiency and time saving.


cnc cutting machine


Automatic Cutting

The cutter head is made of German Boler head and can be rotated freely in 360 degrees to cut any shape. Computer control, automatic cutting according to optimized layout.


cnc cutting machine 


Air Floating Platform

The machine has an air floating system, and more than one hundred air holes are evenly arranged on the cutting table to ensure the stability of the airflow. It is very easy to push and pull the glass.

Machine Pictures

Glass Cutting

CNC Glass Cutting Machine

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Cutting Machine Loading

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