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Centrifugal Separation And Purification Equipment for Slag-Containing Wastewater From Glass, Sintered Stone, And Stone Processing (Automatic Deslagging)

This equipment is used to purify and separate the slag-containing wastewater generated in the process of glass production and processing. Using the principle of centrifugation, the residue in the waste liquid is attached to the inner wall of the equipment, and the slag is automatically removed by a scraper imported from Japan. The purified wastewater can meet discharge standards after chemical evolution. It is the necessary equipment for large glass factories to deal with environmental protection testing.
  • TYJLT-500CC

Product Description

Centrifugal separator for slag wastewater


      1. The liquid to be filtered enters the centrifuge through the auxiliary pump.
      2. The impurities in the dirty liquid are separated at high speed and adhere to the inside of the tank.
      3. The pure liquid is drained back to the equipment or sink for later use.
      4. After the inside of the tank is full of impurities, the centrifuge starts the automatic slag removal function, and the drain is opened.
      5. The centrifuge automatically reduces the speed of the tank, and the built-in scraper starts to operate for slag removal.
      6. The removed impurities fall from the drain to the impurity collection box below the centrifuge, and the centrifuge starts to run.

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Internal layout of the electrical cabinet

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                         Abnormal vibration alarm device                                                                          Screw positioning line

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                 Applicable field           

          Ceramic processing wastewaterWPS图片-拼图

          Glass processing wastewater

                 Hard disk processing sewage

          Automobile painting sewage

          Vibration grinding sewage

          Screw processing oil

            Wire processing oil

          Tool processing sewage

          Bearing fine grinding oil


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1. It can perform simple filtration, separation, recovery and dehydration of micron particles of various industrial water and oil. (Example: In the process of glass slurry treatment, it can filter 80% of particles above 3μm.)
2. With high-efficiency filtration and separation function, it can automatically and quickly recover the separated substances. (No matter the amount of sludge is large, small, hard, soft, or viscous, it can be treated.)
3. Reduce the pollution of recycled water and oil during production and grinding, and improve product yield. (Reduce the clogging of nozzle pipes in production equipment and reduce the cleaning times of circulation tanks.)
4. The sludge impurities with low moisture content can be recycled, reducing production and waste disposal costs. (Example: In glass grinding production, sludge with a moisture content of 10% can be recovered.)
5. It can extend the life of grinding tools used in production and grinding machines. (Example: Reduce the friction of glass grinding tools during production, which can extend the life of 20~30%.)
6. Reduce the abrasion during the recovery of sludge impurities. (Example: When silicon powder is recycled, there is no need to change the scraper material due to metal wear.)
7. Simple design, sturdy structure, low maintenance cost, no easy to wear parts, and can filter all kinds of oil.
8. No filter element, filter cloth, filter paper, and other consumables, only electricity and compressed air are needed.

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