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Customized Glass Sling

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November 2019, we got an order from Mr. Xie on the customized glass sling. Mr. Xie is doing glass and aluminum business and he has a very big glass shop in Cambodia. As one of his routine work, using glass sling to load and unload the glass packs from the trucks is quite common for his employees.

The glass edge damages the sling layer badly during the transportation which makes Mr. Xie have a high expectation on the wear resistance, loading capacity & service life of the glass sling. Our glass slings are produced by swiss ribbon loom, one sling has four layers which are made by the high-intensity polyester thread as the bearing core. What’s more, one set glass sling has a separate anti-cutting layer and pure steel base in R-angle, which protects the glass sling from the glass pack and makes the sling is durable, safe and strong.

Mr. Xie is very happy to know the features of our glass sling. However, our regular slings don’t work for his needs. Therefore, we started to design the sling per his needs, we discussed the details forth and back to make sure this new sling is workable. Finally, we finished our job, shipped the slings out and got positive feedback from Mr. Xie.

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