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Global Laminating Glass Market Outlook

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The global laminated glass market is expected to reach USD 27 billion by 2025 growing at a CAGR of more than 6%, due to the growing concerns over security and safety.

Laminated Glass, also known as Sandwich Glass, is a special type of safety or security glass that holds together in the event of breaking. Due to this specialty, laminated glasses are mostly preferred and be used for hurricane and impact resistance, sound reduction, protection against forced entry, earthquake resistance, and bullet resistance.

The demand for laminated glass is high, so does the cost for the manufacturing process of it, owing to its capital intensive and in-depth manufacturing process. For example, the investment cost is relatively high for a PVB laminating line as it would include a series of equipment such as autoclave, roller pressor and washing machine etc. Just the autoclave itself would cost at least US$75,000. Besides, the availability of substitutes like the tempered glass is also a major restraint for the global laminated glass market.

But if it’s for EVA or SGP laminated glass, there is an alternative option for the plants, that is the autoclave-free laminating furnace, with much lower cost. After 3-years of domestic test and 1-year overseas market test, the NEWEST VERSION of glass laminating furnace marketed by TOYOCC is now experienced enough to be ready for clients all around the world. This glass laminating machine adopts the principle of high temperature and negative pressure to provide a high temperature and vacuum environment for the glass within the vacuum bags, thus doesn’t require an auto-clave.



1. Multitask operational procedure is available to enable continuous production of laminated glass, with vacuum bed sets equipped at both sides. Original waiting-time during the laminating process after one side bed sets being put inside can be fully used to preparing glass at the other side. In this way, while the one side laminating process being finished and rolled out waiting for cooling, the other side can be pushed inside and keep the laminating process going on.

2. Special turbofan equipped atop to ensure even heating and laminating effect due to 360° hot air circulation without dead ends. By segmentation and partitioning, it will leave no blind spots.

3. It adopts high-density explosion-proof stainless steel for electric heating. Meanwhile, it’s equipped with cold air device to achieve supplement effect, thus compared with traditional type:

For the traditional type, it’s realistic temperature will be about 10 Celsius higher than the set temperature, that may have negative influence for the high-standard laminated glass.

Automatic temperature reduction operation to increase the glass transparency, extend service life of silicone bag and vacuum pump, shorten production time and save energy.

4. Its double-layer thermal insulation system adopts thickened high-density material to minimize heat loss, saving at least 38% energy compared with similar products after multiple tests.

5. Multi-stage temperature control mechanism to prevent glue overflow. The negative pressure parameters for different heating sections can be set as desired to prevent glue overflow.

6. Ideal for laminating glasses sensitive to pressure and temperature as well as those with decorative and functional inserts such as silk.

7. Substantial cost- effective, with reductions in capital, labor, energy, and floor space.

8. One button start-up control, and power-off protection

9. It only takes about 95 minutes for the laminated glass to be produced.

10. The output volume for the multi-task 2-layers type can reach 500 square meter under 8-hour work schedule.


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