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How to choose a suitable glass sling/ glass belt for your glass factory?

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How to choose a suitable glass sling/ glass belt for your glass factory?

Glass sling

Glass sling or some other call it glass belt is very important for glass transportation in the glass workshop. We are very proud to say we have a high quality and very designed glass slings in China. We use the Swiss ribbon loom to make it, one sling has four layers. It was made by the high-intensity polyester tread as the bearing core, and add high-tech materials in the inner glass contact area as the anti-cutting layer. Also, it originally creates the R-angle full-steel plate base which can be used in the lifetime. Product design conforms to the principle of mechanics, spreads the load, and the details are perfect.


This sling is 9 kg heavier than the similar product in the market, which makes its life cycle doubled. It was applied for the national patent (patent number: 201430200860.0) protection and is under protect by Pacific Insurance Company. It is qualified with China domestic test report and destroy tension test.


But how to choose a suitable glass sling is very important for safety and protecting you from loosing less glass during transportation.

1. The Length of the sling

Usually, the length of the slings depends on the height of glass, the suitable length is glass height(mm) + 700mm, which means the glass slings are not common use, you have to choose suitable glass slings for different glass size. Otherwise, there will be larger sway range during transportation if the slings are too long or you can not fit the glass box into the slings.

The pic below is showed that the sling is too long for glass.

Glass sling

2.The size of the steel base

The stock sizes for our steel base are as below:

200mm(L)*90mm(W)*14mm(T)/ 390mm(L)*90mm(W)*14mm(T)

But we can do customized length for steel base, and it depends on the thickness of glass box, but we recommend you choose longer when it comes to steel base, so for example, if the thickness of glass box is 190mm, the steel base you need will be 200mm.

The pic showed that the steel base is a little small for the glass box putting on the slings.

Glass sling

Here are the specification of our glass slings




5, 10, 20 tons

Length of the Sling (after folding)

3.3-meter, 3.5-meter, 4-meter &   customized

Width of the Sling


Steel Base

1)14 thickness *90 width*200 length (mm)
  2)14 thickness *90 width*200 length (mm)
  3)14 thickness *90 width*customized length (mm)

Length of the Anti-cutting layer


And we also have matching glass hanging bar for you to use.

Glass sling

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