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Insulating Glass Production Line

1.Voltage: AC380v 50Hz
2.Power: 38kw
3.Max.size: 2500×3600mm
4.Min.size: 500×300mm
5.Glass thickness: 3—15mm
6.IG thickness: 10—48mm
7.Transport speed: 8—45m/min
8.The suction of sucker: 6kg/pcs
9.Gas Filling time: 3-5 s(1000㎜×1000㎜)
10.Air compressor: 0.8m³/ min
11.Air pressure: 0.6--0.8Mpa
12.Overall dimension: 26000×1800×3600mm

Product Description

Hollow wire-1


The glass hollow line is to change the production of insulating glass from manual operation to machine operation, and connect each link through the system to produce in one go. First, the two pieces of glass used to make hollow glass, which can be original glass or tempered glass, are put into the hollow production line, and then washed, dried, made spacer frame, filled with desiccant, and first sealed (with butyl glue). ), check, put the frame and sheet, press the sheet, the second sealing (polysulfide glue or silicone glue), multiple processes of unloading.

The quality of the products processed by the hollow glass wire is high, and the processing speed is very fast, so the hollow glass wire is very popular with the hollow glass processing enterprises.


1. Adopt world-leading technology, the whole machine adopt Siemens PLC and servo systems

2. Adopt eight Frequency converters,one soft starter ,five sets servo motors, reasonable transportation of each section,high efficiency

3. With inside panel assemble ,argon gas filling system ,can process double ,triple insulating glass

4. Recognize coating glass and Low-E glass automatically

5. Can wash on line and off line Low-E glass

6. Air knife adjusted automatically according to the glass thickness

7. Numerical control the methods of low power design and interrupted working is used to reduce the system power

8. Detect the glass length ,height automatically ,Adjust the best location to fill argon gas automatically ,save gas consumption

9. All steel bearings ,turn flexible and no noise

10. Aluminium frame location adopt longitudinal and transverse directions ,easy to locate aluminium frame with high precision

11. Glass location adopt jigging motion, avoid dislocations and low abrasion of the board

12. Ensure the filling gas content more than 90%.

13. All conveying shaft with grinding processing, flange processing, corrosion prevention to ensure the precision of the main shaft, equipped with high quality bearing, so the glass conveying is stable, high speed.

14. The large-stroke of pressing section can be pushed to 550mm, convenient for maintenance,

15. The stiffener distributed evenly, small interval, avoid horn mouth and breaking glass when pressing

16. Siemens servo control system ,can process step glass ,it is the preferred equipment for curtain wall glass

17. Adopt Taiwan YSB vacuum generator and sucker, nineteen suckers are in a reasonable position, glass suction effect is better.

18. Servo motor control the panel pressing ,constant pressure ,sealing effect is much more better

19. Reasonable air knife angle design ,easy to adjust the angle and distance and ensure the blowing effect is better

20.All chains with protective cover, safety

21.Low voltage electrical apparatus adopt Germany Siemens ,relays adopt France Schneider

22.Adopt aviation plug, safe and convenient, reduce labor cost.

23.Ethernet transmission, fast speed, high precision

Technical Parameter


AC380v 50Hz







Glass thickness


IG thickness


Transport speed


Suction of sucker


Gas Filling time

3-5 s(1000㎜×1000㎜)

Air compressor

0.8m³/ min

Air pressure


Overall dimension


Detail Picture

Hollow wire2

Hollow wire5

Hollow wire3

Hollow wire4




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