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TOYOCC’s Significant Investment at Chuangyu Factory

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TOYOCC’s Significant Investment at Chuangyu Factory

TOYOCC have invested in another factory (Chuangyu) to strengthen TOYOCC’s supply-chain capacity.

Chengyang/Qingdao, 30th Oct, 2020. TOYOCC signed the strategic agreement with Chuangyu in the growth segment of door and window accessories/parts.

As TOYOCC’s anther strategic investment project, Chuangyu specialize in OEM service for injection molding & plastic products in many different materials (such as ABS, POM, PP, PC, HDPE, PA6+GF ETC) since 2007 and have extensive expertise with over 15 years’ experience. The injection molding accessories of glass windows and doors are one of Chuangyu’s most competitive core products at home and aboard, especially window fasteners, window safety lock. As a innovative technology- based supplier, their products sell well all over China and are exported to Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, the Middle east and Africa. Chuangyu’s significant clients include WESTECK in Canada, HARMAN in Germany, Haier group in China, CRRC QINGDAO SIFANG CO., LTD. CETC in China.

As a leading global partner to the glass machinery industry we offer our customers first-class engineering competence, durable products with reasonable price as well as expertise in research and design. TOYOCC top-rated products include but not limited to glass grinding machine, glass cutting machine, glass handling & storage systems, laminating furnace and accessories.  

This strategic cooperation provides TOYOCC with a wider range of production lines, especially in the glass window and door hardware. We are expanding the production area at Chuangyu plant in Chengyang. Here, we will produce the related tools, fixings and consumables for glass windows and doors, so as to better meet the various production needs of different customers and provide your factory with more efficient and diverse products and one-stop solutions.

TOYOCC and Chuangyu both highly value R &D Research design and production capacity. They both provide outstanding one-stop solutions for a great many international enterprises, whether they are well-established manufacturers or small and medium sized factories and dealers, even start-ups in various countries. We assist them to grow rapidly and fully support their projects happen faster and more cost-effectively.

TOYOCC puts a high value on smart and efficient product life-cycle management. Restrict quality control, timely delivery and excellent after-sale service are what we have been working hard on for decades.

Regardless of what development stage you are in, we believe our products and services will accelerate your business in a smart way.  

Glass beveling edge grinding machine, automatic slicing and cutting machine, glass installation robot trolley, electric glass storage rack, L-frame glass storage rack, glass lifter and much more- there is a lot to discover at: www.toyocc.com

Moreover, a complete selection of specialized and decorative hardware for the glass, window, and door industry are also available.

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