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L type glass rack
L-type Glass Storage Rack
Harp Glass Rack
A type glass rack trolley
A Frame Glass Rack Trolley
A Frame Glass Storage Rack
Dual IG Storage Rack
Manual Glass Storage Rack Shelf Roller Car
Maunal Glass Storage System
Electrical Glass Storage System
  • Description:
    The L-Type/shape glass storage rack/shelf is a mufti-functional glass stock rack integrating storage and transport all-in-one.

    It is the first choice to store fragmented glass or finished glass.

    The shelf angle strictly controlled at 90 degrees, so it will never be slipped for the hollowed glass.

    With a crown block and forklift truck, it can move glass with great stability. And also can be directly handled by crane.

    The shelf can be overlaid one by one to save storage space, transport space, and improve the utilization rate of the warehouse.
    L-type Glass Storage Rack
  • Description:
    This product is widely used in high-end glass, hollow glass pairing, and other places with a strict requirement on glass placing. 
    It can ensure that single piece of glass not hurt when placing. For hollow glass pairing, it can take and put glass accurately, to achieve the goal of saving manpower & time & space. 
    The shelf has a device for fixing glass to avoid glass slide down when moving.
     It uses separated structure, easy to assembly and installation, can greatly reduce the cost of transportation.
    Harp Glass Rack
  • Description

    Sturdy structure, designed to eliminate any risk of slabs tipping over.

    Slabs are placed on a special rubber profiles and secured with four ratchet securing bars. Contains an extra storage section in the center that is ideal for storing tools.

    Frame features two eyelets which can be used to pick up the frame with an overhead crane. Built in brackets on all sides for forklift transport.

    Four 2T and 5T heavy-duty removable casters included.

    reaches 220mm, suitable for big truck transport
    A Frame Glass Rack Trolley
  • Description
    The Dual IG Storage Rack Unit is a free loading harp storage rack (optional mounted on four heavy-duty casters).
     The floor is with numbered slots and glass handling controlled by a dual set of replaceble dividing nylon cords and corners. 
    Glass is delivered to the washer sorted in the proper order to match up with the spacer frames. 
    The washer operator simply loads each glass sheet in order from the racks. Also offered are 100-slot carts for single slotting glass.
     A Frame Glass Storage Rack
Professional Painting
It is more corrosion-resistant than ordinary spray paint, not easy to fade, more durable and more beautiful.

  • l
    L-type Glass Storage Rack​​​​​​​
  • HARP
    Harp Glass Rack
  • a-T
    A Frame Glass Rack Trolley
  • A-s
    A Frame Glass Storage Rack
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