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Delivery of 6 pcs of Harp Glass Racks

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Delivery of 6 pcs of Harp Glass Racks

One of our top seller products is harp glass rack, This product is widely used in high-end glass, hollow glass pairing, and other places with a strict requirement on glass placing.


It can ensure that single piece of glass not hurt when placing. For hollow glass pairing, it can take and put glass accurately, to achieve the goal of saving manpower & time & space.


The shelf has a device for fixing glass to avoid glass slide down when moving. It uses separated structure, easy to assembly and installation, can greatly reduce the cost of transportation. 

One year warrenty. 



Harp glass rack

Specification (mm)


Storing   Thickness   (mm)

Spaces for one rack (pcs)

Self-weight (kgs)

Working Load (kgs)


Less than 8mm





Less than 12mm





Customized size and design   are available.



One of our AU customers has ordered 6pcs of harp glass rack (84 slots) last month, which is delivered by plywood boxes (LCL)


Pics before packing


harp rack 1

harp rack 2

harp rack 4

harp rack 3

harp rack 6

harp rack 5

 Pics of package

harp rack 7

harp rack 8

harp rack 9

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