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09 24, 2021
Anticutting Shirt is a surprise! Watch the video to see how amazing it is!

Glass protection suit: applicable to human body protection of the workers in the glass works; this suit can prevent cutting by glass or harm by the saw, thin metal sheet, glass, knife, or other sharp objects during the moving of glass.

09 17, 2021
It turns out that the customer's response to the glass robot is like this!

One of our top seller products is glass robot, which is combining the advantages of a Crane Truck and Vacuum Lifter, providing the economy and efficiency of the robot. This equipment with following features: Low noise and no pollution Comfortable operation and convenient charge Legerity turning, flexible, reliable operation Big wheels design, easy for outdoor use. Dual vacuum system design for safety Adopt optimum design, have a solid frame and wide vision

09 10, 2021
Is this the sharpest glass hand knife you have ever seen?

It's a little harsh, but it's really neat, isn't it?A glass cutter is a hand tool used to make a shallow score on one side of the surface of flat glass that is to be broken into two pieces.

07 23, 2021
Daily delivery — Glass Cutting Machine

The cutting machine is load and transport again! A super popular product! A good helper for cutting glass. The price is favorable and the performance is comprehensive. If you need it, welcome to contact us!

09 03, 2021
How to drill a perfect round with a glass drilling machine?

Smart Machine Series - Simple Glass Drilling Machine loading the drill, then put the machine on the ground where the glass needs to be perforated, press 4 suction cups, tighten the glass, turn on the switch, have 6 gears to adjust speed, and manually punch holes.

07 02, 2021
Forklift Attached Glass Vacuum Lifter

The customized version of the vacuum lifter can be used for the products you need, which is a good helper to improve work efficiency. Just like an example of our recent deal, the forklift is equipped with a vacuum lift, which is more convenient, isn't it? If you are interested in customized suction cups, please be sure to contact us for more information.

08 27, 2021
Daily delivery - cork pad

If you are interested in cork cushion, we can send you some samples to experience the use. Cork cushion can protect the glass from breakage or wear during glass transportation. Welcome to contact us to get some free samples~

08 20, 2021
Glass Cutting Machine Cutting Mirror

As for mirror cutting, we also have a professional cutting helper - a glass cutting machine, which can cut a variety of shapes and handle different sizes of glass. If your factory needs such a cutting machine, please contact us~

08 13, 2021
Glass Beveling Edge Grinding Machine in Horizontal Type

Glass Beveling Edge Grinding Machine in Horizontal Type 1. 1-year guarantee 2. 20-year service life of the motor 3. 3000-meter service life of the grinding wheels 4. Workable for glass sheet and ceramic tile 5. Rail is cast iron and the machine body steel plate is integrated, without welding

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