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09 30, 2022
Insulating Glass Production Line

The quality of the products processed by the insulating glass production line is high, and the processing speed is very fast, so the insulating glass production line is very popular with the insulating glass processing enterprises.

09 23, 2022
Toyocc CNC Glass/Stone Cutting Machine

Toyocc CNC Glass/Stone Cutting Machine Series--Loading, Deliver, Cutting & Breaking table – 4 in 1 Loading, Delivery & Cutting – 3 in 1 Loading & Cutting – 2 in 1

09 16, 2022
TOYOCC Forced-convection Glass Tempering Furnace

TOYOCC Forced-convection Glass Tempering Furnace is a new generation tempering machine to temper flat glass. Compared with the same kind of product with others, this machine has some advantages like reasonable technical technology, powerful software function of system control, high reliability, superior insulation function, low production consumption, automatic control by computer, high capacity, etc., especially for high-grade glass products, such as Low-E glass and coated glass.

09 09, 2022
Glass Lifting Installation from Qingdao TOYO

X type Electrical Glass Lifter Sucker 1. Light and compact, easier operation 2. DC12V battery power, and no cable connection needed 3. Extension arms are available for different sizes of the glass sheet 4. Manual turning-over 90°and rotation 360°with spring lock positioning 5. Digital vacuum pressure display and LCD battery volume display 6. Sealed cover for components protection, suited for outdoor use 7. Low-pressure alarm with acoustic and light 8. Safety tanks ensure the longer holding time 9. Charging for full 4 hrs, working life is about 30 to 40 hrs in a row

09 08, 2022
Vertical automatic glass drilling and milling machine

Vertical Automatic Glass Drilling and Milling Equipment is the most popular machine to drill and milling glass with high technical, it works in curtain walls, Shower door glass.

09 07, 2022
Glass Sandblasting Machine TOYO Glass Machinery

The equipment has two functions, automatic and manual, Equipped with 4 automatic spray guns and 1 manual spray gun. The lifting of the spray gun and the conveying of the glass are all driven by timing belts, which are stable and durable. The lifting device of the spray gun is located outside the body and has a low failure rate.

09 05, 2022
Glass protection suit!

Glass protection suit: applicable to human body protection of the workers in the glass works; this suit can prevent cutting by glass or harm by the saw, thin metal sheet, glass, knife, or other sharp objects during the moving of glass.

08 26, 2022
Fully Automatic Electrically Operated Electrical Glass Storage System!

Electrical parts and mechanical parts of the equipment are operated via remote-control equipment, which will drive the mechanical pushing rod to move mobile rack bodies of a certain amount on the equipment in a specific direction.

08 19, 2022
Welding procedure for insulated glass production line for our Greece client!

Welding procedure for insulated glass production line for our Greece client. TOYOCC provides your innovative insulated glass processing solution. Please feel free to contact me for more details.

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