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Dimming Glass Produce Guidance

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Please keep the glass dry and wear transparent rubber gloves before combining. After the glass is tempered, it is relatively clean. Wipe it clean with a dry towel when combining the sheets to start the combination. Please pay attention to moisture-proof protection for the tempered glass before laminating, especially in the rainy day. If the glass is wet by rain, please don't rush to combine the pieces. Please keep the glass and the glass apart (leave it overnight) to dry and then wipe it with a dry towel before combining the pieces.

Please don't rush to combine ordinary glass after cleaning, because some water will remain on the surface of the glass just after cleaning. This is because the drying effect of the washing machine is not good. The cleaned glass needs to be separated for one night. After drying, wipe it with a dry towel and then combine the sheets. For factories without washing machines, please wipe off the water stains on the glass surface to keep the glass dry.


After the glass is closed, use high-temperature tape to extend the edge of the glass and seal it (one circle) to prevent the edge glue from overflowing to produce bubbles after the glass is heated (as shown in the picture).

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After sealing the edge of the glass with high temperature tape, lift the glass to the processing equipment and place it. Place a dry wooden strip on the periphery of the glass to reduce the pressure on the periphery of the glass, and then use a dry wooden strip to link the pores and the glass. Edge, good for vacuuming (as shown in the picture).

Picture4   Picture5   Picture6

Lay the silica gel bed and pump it cold for about three minutes to ensure that the silica gel bag is in a sealed state without any air leakage. At the same time, check whether the vacuum gauge is above -0.095MP (as shown in the picture).


Set the working parameters of the laminating furnace in accordance with the required process for processing.

The glass is cooled out of the oven. At this time, please keep the vacuum pump in working condition while the glass is cooling. When the temperature is lower than 50 degrees Celsius, the vacuum pump can be turned off and the glass processing is completed.


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