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Forklift Truck Skewer purchased by India Customer

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Are you still worried about loading and unloading glass cases from containers? Is it difficult to transport your big heavy glass box out of the container? One of our India customer HA-XXX Industry face this problem for a long time.

 We recommend Forklift Truck Skewer to help him solve the problem.

forklift truck skewer

    It is a professional tool for loading and unloading container glass. It has low purchase cost and can be installed without any modification to the forklift. It can also adapt to loading and unloading of both large and small plate of glass.

The forklift trucker skewer can give full play to the performance advantages of forklift, which also break through the limitation of site area and work at any time. This product has the advantages of reasonable structure, convenient operation, high work efficiency and no need to maintenance.

3D Detail Image of the Forklift Truck





Container packing Image:


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