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Jib Crane Glass Lifting System Cantilever Equipment

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  • Overview

A jib crane is a type of crane where a horizontal member (jib or boom), supporting a moveable hoist or sucker lifter, is fixed to a wall/a floor-mounted pillar, to a wall or to the I-steel which make the jib crane in three types, they are column type, wall type and I-steel type.


Cantilever crane has the advantages of simple structure, convenient manufacture, low cost, expedient operation and can used to some working procedure or special technical device, share the burden of the main lifting machinery in the whole production line.


  • Application

It is widely used in factories mines product line, assembly line, especially in location need conveying goods partly, it with advantages of tight structure, delicate operation, low noise, safety and reliability, and in perfect shape.

Jib Crane

The Jib Crane in wall type and I-steel type, need to prefect match the wall and I-steel which means it has a specification requirement on the capacity, width, connection points of the wall or I-steel. Comparing with these two types crane, the column style crane is more convenient to install, but don’t think it has less factors to consider.


  • Column cantilever crane

Column cantilever crane doesn't need any other buildings except crane to fix, its column and arm support are separated parts. The column is set in the basic flange. Basic flange was installed and fixed on concrete by connection bolts. Because the column is fixed, it is named fixed column. The arm support connects to the column by using holders in top and bottom, so it can rotate 270 degree or 360 degree. Widely used indoor and outdoor or anywhere.


Column cantilever crane is comprised of column, art beam, swing mechanism and lifting mechanism. There are swing mechanism and connection flange of arm installing on column. Cantilever beam is made of sealed box structure; The hoist or the sucker lifter is installed on the I-beam steel, moving along the longitudinal direction of the beam, the rotating mechanism drives the cantilever beam to rotate by the gear transmission mechanism.


  • Tips

The diameter of the column doesn’t stand the capacity of the crane, if there are two column cantilever cranes standing in front of you, one with 20cm diameter and the other one with 40cm diameter, please don’t think the later one is stronger than the first. The slimmer of the column is, it is more closer to the European standard, the more costly it is.

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