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Manually Moveable Porch-Shaped Overhead Vacuum Lifter System

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Manually Moveable Porch-Shaped Overhead Vacuum Lifter System

system visual image

Check out our newly designed moveable overhead glass lifter crane system. The biggest feature for this system is moveable by 2 – 3 men, whose utilization can be optimized to the most. As long as there is enough space in your workshop, you can push the system everywhere you need. The bottom beam of the system can be removed from the system during usage. They can be reattached again to strengthen the structure enabling a secured movement of the System. And the matching electrical glass lifter (working load 1000kgs) is controlled by remote (electrical rotation 90 degrees, and electrical turning-over 90 degrees). There is one electrical hoist with lifting function (4m lifting range). But the system is moved by men in X and Y directions. At the same time, the electrical can be used outdoors for glass installing.


Here is more detailed info about our newly designed system:


electrical glass lifter dimension

system dimension

We got lots of inquiries for this system from all over the world. And custom-made design and size are available, there is nothing impossible, and we are here to make it happen for you. Just give us a thought or idea, we can help you to design the system you want!


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