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Selection of coated glass

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Coated glass is to coat one or more layers of metal, alloy or metal compound films on the glass surface to change the optical properties of the glass and meet certain special requirements.


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Commonly used coated glass includes solar control coated glass and low-emission coated glass.


1.   Sun control coated glass

Sunlight control coated glass, also known as heat reflective coated glass, refers to coated glass that has a certain control effect on sunlight in the wavelength range of 350 to 1800 nm. Sunlight control coated glass has a high reflectivity to sunlight, and the reflectivity can reach 20% ~ 40%, which can save energy consumption of air conditioning in hot summer. At the same time, it has a good shading function to make the indoor light soft and comfortable.

Sunlight-coated glass is a typical translucent glass with one-way perspective. When the film is installed on the indoor side, it cannot be seen from the outside during the day and indoors at night. The film layer of sunlight control coated glass has good firmness and can be used in one piece. It can be controlled into hollow glass. The outer layer uses sunlight coated glass, and the film layer faces the hollow air layer, which can reduce the shading coefficient and heat transfer coefficient of the glass.

2.   Low emissivity coated glass

Low-E coated glass, also known as low-e glass, "Low-E" glass, is a coated glass (high-transmission Low-E) with a high reflectance for far-infrared rays with a wavelength range of 4.5 to 25 μm. Low-e coating glass can also be combined with sunlight control function, called sunlight control low-e glass (shading type Low-E).

Low-E coated glass (High-transmittance Low-E) is suitable for high latitude and cold areas, and it is better to use sunlight to control low-E coated glass (shade-type Low-E) in hot summer and cold winter areas.

The production process of low-e coated glass is divided into online high temperature pyrolysis deposition method (online method) and offline vacuum sputtering method (offline method). The low-emissivity coated glass produced by the online method can be hot-bent, tempered, and can be used as a single piece. The film layer should be oriented indoors; the low-emissivity coated glass produced by the offline method has poor acid and alkali resistance and wear resistance, and cannot be used as a single piece. When glass is used, the coating on the edge of the glass and the contact area of the sealant should be removed. The coating surface should be located in the hollow air layer. It is generally installed on the third surface of the insulating glass to make full use of the low-radiation coating glass insulation performance and shading performance.

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