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10 ways to find good suppliers from China during “Coronavirus” time

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10. Priority should be given to enterprises that have begun production and resumed normal production capacity, which also reflects the strength and values of the company. First of all, the company attaches great importance to production and can deliver on time. Secondly, the company has the strength to reserve epidemic prevention materials in advance, do good prevention and control and obtain approval. Third, enterprises may be the focus company of local enterprises, get the government's support and help from all walks of life, to resume production on time. Therefore, when an enterprise has begun production and can guarantee the delivery date, you can choose to cooperate with him. Don't choose an enterprise that promises you a week or two to produce. Because in the current situation, companies with sufficient strength have begun to produce. If the other party can provide you with pictures and videos of the current factory production, it will be the best.


9Priority should be given to docking enterprises with the inventory. If a business happens to have the product of your choice in stock. Or some of the products are in stock and can be delivered quickly. Then you'd better not hesitate to confirm the contract before the price raising. The factory with inventory can not only guarantee your time and determine the accurate price, but also provide you with pictures or videos of the spot so that you can inspect the quality in advance. In the current environment, timely supply and reasonable prices are valuable.


8, Through the company's website and social page. We can’t attend the exhibition now. We should find good suppliers online. If a company does not even have an English official website, please consider whether to cooperate. If a company's social page is not active, for example, Facebook or LinkedIn has not been updated for a long time, it should also be considered carefully. The company's official website and social page represent a company's phenomenon, if not, the company's market layout is too weak, or may disappear at any time. Previously, some people would have thought that factories only focused on production and would be weaker in the market. Come on, this is 2020, it is not difficult for a regular enterprise to do a good job of the company's product display, if not, that is the self-demand is not high enough. Or the company does not have a professional market development, and the lack of market layout often results in poor after-sales service.

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7Are you still struggling to choose a factory or a trading company? In fact, there is no need to struggle, choose the right price and good service enterprises. Priority should be given to enterprises that integrate Industry and Trade. Specialization is very important, and whether they can actually provide help is the most important. And whether the communication is smooth, whether it can help us save a lot of communication costs. If they can reply and solve the problem in time. At present, most companies in China are joint-stock or partnership, factories will set up trading companies, trading companies will also invest in factories. A lot of them, actually have the same boss. So the right choice is to return to the essence and see whose service and after-sales are better. JingDong is a trading company, In China, People buy household appliances prefer to order from JD, rather than manufacturers store because JD’s quality is guaranteed and have timely service and good after-sales service.


6. It is a very good advantage to have corresponding technical support and technical services. It can customize the design for customers or help customers optimize the scheme, which is valuable in the production enterprise. No matter what products you want to purchase the better choose enterprises that know more about the design of various technologies, because this is a guarantee for later use, and may also improve the efficiency. It is the best experience to cooperate with who provides design solutions and customize according to customers' needs. C2M is a future trend. If you found, it is recommended to try to tell them your needs and let them design the best product solution for you. Rest assured that the quality of the factory that can design the solution for customers will not be poor.

5. Select suitable suppliers according to relevant certificates or accessories. The patent certification, quality certification or the related certification of product accessories are all advantages. You can also confirm the quality level of the product according to the grade of the product accessories. If suppliers are almost the same price and service, products description is enough detailed, it is preferred to choose the one with certification. Of course, the current testing industry is not entirely representative of the treatment. The best way is through professional communication, pictures, live video, and other forms. If can ensure the after-sales time and feedback speed of the product will be much better.


4. So the after-sales service is very important. Because China is a large manufacturing country, all kinds of technologies and materials have their own advantages. It seems that many products are similar, but there is a large gap in quality in the process of use. So you can't just look at the surface. It depends on the detailed product details and the supplier's confidence in its after-sales service. It can guarantee the after-sales of products and is also the basis for choosing suppliers. In early communication time, the feedback speed and technical communication can effectively predict the quality of after-sales service. Of course, The length of the product warranty is also the focus of attention.

3. Don't just focus on price, focus on cost performance. Many suppliers are very concerned about the price of the product, but ignore the details of the product, which is most likely to cause cheap purchasing, expensive using or low production efficiency. The price of the product includes the purchase cost of raw materials, design and manufacturing process technical,service, after-sales costs. Choose raw materials with purchase superior,technology and after-sales better. Of course, such products will not be particularly high prices. Like Mi brand in China, it is the best choice according to cost performance.


2. Good market operation and good market service are helpful to Purchasers. If the supplier's market display and the product display are very good, it is a better choice to have requirements for the products they hand over. If the supplier can provide you with marketing support, this is actually a big hidden advantage. This can not only judge the ability of a supplier, but also help you save a lot of money, and also show that the supplier attaches great importance to you, so that the supplier can maintain long-term cooperation.


1. Find more aggressive providers, who are able to respond quickly to emails, phone calls, and video calls. Whether the mail can be answered within 24 hours is an important assessment item. Imagine that you can't get a timely reply when purchasing, the speed of reply after-sale is unimaginable. Whether he/she can communicate with you by phone or video is also very important, some problems you should communicate by phone in a short time and more efficient communication. If they can make a video call with you, it should be the preferred supplier. Product video and video calls can show the suppliers' self-confidence in their own products and services, which is the most important bonus.


The above is what should be paid attention to when choosing a supplier. In general, you should choose those who have inventory, production capacity, official website, social homepage, certification and design ability, excellent after-sales service, smooth communication, and provide photos, videos, excellent Chinese suppliers.

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