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Turning Pages, Surmounting Mountains: A Record of the Joint Book Donation Event

Views: 1504     Author: Leo     Publish Time: 2024-05-16      Origin: TOYOCC

Under the bright sun of winter, five primary schools' library welcomed a group of special visitors. The Qingdao Import and Export Enterprises Chamber of Commerce, the MBA Education Center of the Ocean University of China, Qingdao Dehui Management Consulting Co., Ltd., and the Shandong Hua’ai Charity Foundation, in collaboration with thirty Qingdao enterprises, initiated the “Turning Pages Over Mountains, Building Dreams for the Future” charity book donation campaign at Ocean University of China. The event saw a collective effort from a 25-member volunteer team from companies such as TOYO Glass Industry, Kute Refrigeration Technology, Muyifang, Zhongrui Group, and Seemagic, along with representatives and employees from 30 companies and nine family groups.


At the event, children's faces were filled with anticipation and curiosity as they surrounded the new books, their eyes sparkling with a thirst for knowledge. The entrepreneurs personally handed over a total of 4,600 books to the children, which spanned a wide range of subjects including literature, science, history, and more, carrying with them the care and expectations for the next generation. These books are to be distributed to five primary schools: Guanxi Primary School in Dong Song Town of Luoning County, Luoyang, Qian Yang Primary School in Shao Dian Town of Shangcai County, Qian He Primary School in Ma Chang Town of Taikang County, the Third Primary School in Chengguan of Kang County, and the Central Primary School in Duo Zhuang School District.


During the book donation ceremony, Vice President Hao Ziquan of the Chamber of Commerce delivered an impassioned speech, emphasizing the importance of participating in public welfare activities. Yan Wenxia, founder of Dehui Management Consulting, Gao Zhenghua, Chairman of Leda Group, Fu Shenting, Chairman of Huahan International Logistics, and Wang Xiaotong, General Manager of Kute Refrigeration Technology also believed that enterprises should not only pursue economic benefits but also take on social responsibilities, giving back to society through practical actions, especially by focusing on the development of educational causes. Such actions not only enhance corporate image but also stimulate the public welfare awareness among employees, fostering a positive corporate culture.


The event also featured a video link with Wang Yuheng, a representative of the Hua’ai Foundation, Teacher Pang Yanjie of the Jusha Public Welfare Association, and Principal Guo Zhongwei of the Third Primary School in Chengguan, Kang County. For primary school students, books are the keys to unlocking the doors of wisdom. Through this book donation event, the children not only gained valuable knowledge resources but, more importantly, they felt the care and support from society. This will inspire them to love learning more, to be brave in exploration, and to cultivate themselves into useful talents.


Looking ahead, we have every reason to believe that such public welfare activities will continue to emerge, with more enterprises joining the ranks of philanthropy. With sustained efforts, we can create a more diverse and rich reading environment for children, allowing them to soar freely in the ocean of knowledge. At the same time, this will also promote harmonious social development and contribute to building a better tomorrow.


As the book donation event came to a successful close, we witnessed not only the contented smiles of the children but also the responsibility and commitment of the entrepreneurs. This event was not just a transfer of knowledge but also a touch of the soul. We look forward to more such activities in the future, benefiting more children and allowing the light of knowledge to illuminate every corner.


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