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Team Building Summer 2024

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The Significance of Team Building 

At Toyocc, we understand the importance of teamwork. To enhance team cohesion, we organized a team-building trip to the Laoshan Cherry Orchard in Qingdao. This excursion was more than just a leisure activity; it was an exercise in team spirit and a chance to improve communication skills among team members.


The Experience at Laoshan Cherry Orchard

Known for its magnificent mountains and fresh air, Qingdao's Laoshan welcomed us with its scenic beauty. Upon arrival at the cherry orchard, we were immediately drawn to the cherry trees laden with ruby-red cherries. Under the warm sunlight, they looked incredibly inviting. Eager to start, we began picking, each assigned to a specific area. This tested our collaborative abilities and allowed us to experience the joy of cooperation in a relaxed and joyful atmosphere.


The Warm Moments of the Team Dinner

After the picking, we enjoyed a team dinner at a local restaurant near the orchard. The table was filled with local delicacies, of course, including the fresh cherries we had picked. During the meal, everyone was open and shared personal anecdotes and work insights. This deepened our understanding of one another and made us feel the warmth of our team family.


The Gains and Outlook from the Team Building Activity

Through this team-building activity, we enjoyed the bounty of nature and, more importantly, strengthened our team's cohesion. In the precision industry of glass machinery manufacturing, team coordination and collaboration are crucial. We believe that such activities will energize each team member to work with renewed enthusiasm and a tighter collaborative spirit. We look forward to transforming the positive energy from this team building into a powerful force for the company's development.

At Toyocc, we don't just manufacture glass machinery; we also forge team spirit. Our trip to the Laoshan Cherry Orchard in Qingdao will forever be etched in the hearts of each team member, a cherished memory we share.

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