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Bearing Machine VS Chain Machine

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Bearing Machine VS Chain Machine


The principle, advantages and disadvantages of bearing and chain beveling machines.


There are two kinds of beveling machines in the market: bearing type and chain type. Some customers always think that the bearing type beveling machine is better than the chain type beveling machine. In fact, it's just the different transmission mode of the machine, which will not affect the machining parameters of the machine itself. The quality of the machine depends on reasonable design, real material usage, exquisite workmanship, serious and professional attitude.


The principle of the bearing type clamping plate beveling machine is that the bearing is fixed on each clamping plate through the connecting shaft. The bearing rolls on the guide rail, and the clamping plate does not contact the guide rail. The straightness of beveling machine is determined by guide rail, bearing and splint. The accumulated error is large, resulting in bad straightness, and the advantage is less transmission friction.


The principle of chain type splint beveling machine is that the chain is fixed on the splint with screws, which drives the splint to slide on the guide rail. The straightness of the beveling is determined by the guide rail and the splint. The accumulated error is small, the straightness is good, more stable and durable, and the disadvantage is that the transmission friction is large.


The working environment of glass beveling machine is not good. It always deals with water, glass powder and polishing powder.Even if it can prevent water drop, it can not prevent water mist. When more than ten grinding wheels are started, water mist, glass powder and polishing powder will be drilled everywhere. It makes the bearing and chain rusted and worn, and the bearing is often replaced. The whole batch of bearings need to be replaced. The maintenance cost is high. If the chain is stretched or deformed, only two chains need to be replaced. The maintenance is simple and the cost is very low.


At present, the design concept of machinery is simple in structure. Simple in operation, simple in maintenance and low in cost, while the "bearing machine" is complex in structure and expensive in price but has no advantage in performance.


All in all: chain beveling machine is the general trend of development, irreversible.

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