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Delivery of 37 Pairs of Glass Slings/ Glass Belts

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Glass Lifting Sling

We are very proud to say we have a high quality and very designed glass slings in China. We use the Swiss ribbon loom to make it, one sling has four layers. It was made by the high-intensity polyester tread as the bearing core, and add high-tech materials in the inner glass contact area as the anti-cutting layer. Also, it originally creates the R-angle full-steel plate base which can be used in the lifetime. Product design conforms to the principle of mechanics, spreads the load, and the details are perfect.

This sling is 9 kg heavier than the similar product in the market, which makes its life cycle doubled. It was applied for the national patent (patent number: 201430200860.0) protection and is under protect by Pacific Insurance Company. It is qualified with China domestic test report and destroy tension test.

Recently, we have exported 37 pairs of glass slings/ glass belts to Vitenam, 

Glass sling


Glass sling

How to use the glass slings:

Glass sling


Glass sling

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