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Delivery of Another 4x40HQ Containers of Pink L Rack

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Delivery of Another 4x40HQ Containers of Pink L Rack

After exporting two containers of pink L racks to our USA customer few months ago, we have few feedbacks from our customer about the rubber pads on the glass racks and as well as the screws. The rubber pads were coming off the racks easily, here is the detailed pics from our customer:

Here is the suggestions from our customer:

I believe that if the metal insert inside the rubber was a thicker gauge(Picture 2) it would reduce this issue. Changing the screw that holds it down (Picture 1) to a larger screw with a larger diameter screw head would help as well. Lastly the possibility of adding a washer between the rubber and the screw is a suggestion.

As a reliable supplier, not only we want to supply high quality products, but also good service, this the goals of our company. After receiving this mail, we arranged a meeting to discuss this problem immediately, here are the reason this situation happened:

1. The screws were a little small

2. During sea shipping, there was some crush in the container, even though we have tied the racks strongly

3. In order to fixate the racks, we used bear steel rope to connect the rubber pads.

After discussing with our technician, here is the solution we offered to our customer:

1. Rubber pads with thicker steel plate

2. Larger head screw

Once the customer confirmed the solution we provided, we arranged the replacement rubber pads and new screws for customer to test:

Finally, the customer was satisfied with the new rubber pads and larger head screws. A new order was coming after with 4* 40HQ.

This time, we provided new rubber pads and new screws, and use some mat on the racks when we fixated them in the container, which would reduce the damage to the racks and rubber pads.

All in all, here are some advantages of our L racks:

1. Rubber pads with thicker steel plate providing a long service life

2. Larger head screw to fixate the pads stronger

3. Fine grinding on the welding spots on the racks

4. Power-coating on the surface which is stronger and shinier than the method of simply painting

5. Customized design, customized color and special markings on the rack are available

Always welcome to inquiry and we are ready to provide the best service we can provide and as well as the high quality products.

L frame glass rack

Specification (mm)


Storing Thickness (mm)

Qty for 1*40HQ (pcs)

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Customized size and design are available.

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