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Delivery of Sealant Extruder

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Delivery of Sealant Extruder

Recently, we have got a new Serie of product, pneumatic two component sealant extruder for insulating glass producing line, high quality with efficient working load.

Here is the detailed specification of the machine:

1. Suitable for mass production of insulating glass and curtain walls.

2. Pneumatic control, easy to operate.

3. Main and auxiliary motor all adopt American advanced technology, stable power, large sealant output.

4. Integrated structure of base material pump, curing agent pump and proportioning pimp, avoid leaking sealant.  

5. Special device in base material pump and cutting agent pump, avoid running idle.  

6. Special check valve in proportioning pump to make the sealant coming out more fluently, suitable for all kinds of avoid incomplete mixing.

7. Multichannel filtering device, eliminate the impurities into the pump body.

8. International popular type unique gun, to make the mixing uniformity. Stainless steel mixing spindle, precise and durable.

9. The check valve is made of high wear – resistant materials, directional stability, long service life.

10. The rotating arm is equipped with a universal device, flexible and portable.  

pneumatic two component sealant extruder

Max Air Consumption

Squeeze Pressure


Air Pressure





Overall Dimension

Total Weight




More detailed info, pls feel free to contact us.

Pics before packing

Pics of package

This sealant extruder has become our fastest transaction product. Two hours, with customer trust, and we were providing professional service and suggestions. In the future, we will provide better support to customers in the glass machinery and related consumables. The most refreshing customer meets the most professional team, achieving the lowest cost fast cooperation. Save customers a lot of time, purchase costs, get more professional team support, long-term consulting services and cost-effective glass machinery products. For glass factories, insulating glass factories, door and window factories, etc., the same support can be obtained. Leave your email address, our team will provide the best solution we can provide.

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