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Five Safe Storage Methods for Glass

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How to store glass safely and efficiently is a problem that every glass manufacturing/processing factory and glass-made products supplier shall confront. Disorganization and inefficient picking not only decrease productivity but also waste more labor efforts as money pouring down the drain.

Today we are going to look at some safe and meanwhile efficient storage methods for glass:

It’s well known that glass should be stored in clean, dry conditions on a surface which is not harder than itself due to its specific delicate and fragile feature. As a result, we need to consider the following several factors:

• No part of the glass should be in contact with substance that is harder than itself. That’s to say, glass should not be in contact with stone, concrete or any ferrous metals.

• If glass panes are being stored on static racks, it is recommended that the angle from the vertical should be 3. For pallets or transportable racks, the angle can be increased to 5 - 6⁰.

• As to which edge of the glass should be in contact with the rack depends on the glass’ thickness, size or availability of space.

• Whether being stored or transported, each individual piece of glass pane should be separated by either glass interleaving materials, rubber pads, or plastic wrapping to prevent them from rubbing together.

• If glass becomes wet during storage accidently, it should be separated as quickly as possible, then dried and restacked.

In addition to the guidelines above, there are also many types of storage racking available, including A frames, L Wall Rack, AL Rack, Harp Rack, and automatic storage racks with compartments etc. Each type is designed to meet different storage needs, like the size of glass, the type of warehouse, the method of handling available or the volume of glass needing to be stored or handled.

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