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Forklift Skewer Expert Covered Globally: Providing High-Quality Products And Professional Services

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The application scenarios of a forklift skewer, also known as a forklift boom or a forklift stringer, are mainly used for loading and unloading glass.
Here are some common application scenarios for loading and unloading glass:
1. Glass handling: The boom can extend the working range of the forklift, making it easier to clamp and lift glass. It allows the forklift to reach and grab the glass from a distance, reducing the risk of damage to the glass.
2. Stabilization and support: During the loading and unloading of glass, the boom can be used to stabilize and support the glass. By inserting the boom under the glass, additional support points can be provided to increase the stability of the glass and prevent it from tilting or collapsing.
3. Precision positioning: The boom can achieve precise positioning of the glass. It allows for fine adjustment of the glass's position during loading and unloading, ensuring accurate placement and alignment.
4. Adaptation to different sizes and shapes: The boom can be adjusted in length to adapt to glass of different sizes and shapes. This flexibility enables handling of various glass panels, including large sheets and irregular shapes.
It is important to note that when handling glass, extra care should be taken to ensure the safety and integrity of the glass. The operator should undergo proper training and follow safety guidelines to minimize the risk of glass breakage or damage. Additionally, using appropriate lifting equipment and techniques is essential to ensure efficient and safe glass handling.
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