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Get future ready, 2021!

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Get future ready, 2021!

In late November 2020. We got another order on the glass lifting systems – Jib Crane.

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In the beginning, we communicated with our customer Mr. J and were fully aware that, he would like to use the Jib Crane with the polishing machines, so we sent him some application videos to demonstrate our products. After confirmation on the products that he needs, we worked out a quotation with specifications.

With more and more product information that Mr. J got from us, he decided to increase his order from 3 Jib Cranes to 7 Jib Cranes and 8 manipulators. Once the order is confirmed, Mr. J paid the deposit immediately. With a rich experience on the order arrangement of our last SGS case, we arranged this order immediately and got ready to load in the Dec middle.

#GlassVacuumLifter #Manipulator

Unfortunately, the container freight cost was in a bad time. The imbalance between the rising demands of exporters and the tight supply of containers is causing a worldwide challenge. The freight cost reached the highest level which was double the rate at the beginning of 2020. Mr. J nominated a company named L as his freight agent in our local. We worked with company L on the vessel booking and stand by on the loading arrangement.

It was a late afternoon on Dec 31st, the last working day before the 2021 New Year. Freight company L noticed us fetch the container, finish the loading, and deliver back the container to the seaport before 2 pm on Jan 4th. The point is, the Jan 1st, 2nd and 3rd were the New Year Holidays. But, without any hesitation, we set up an emergency response team immediately, we delegated the tasks; some staff is in charge of arranging the container trailer and some staff is in charge of arranging the factory loading issue. Two hours later, the whole flow map was done, we decided to work overtime to fetch the container and finish the loading on Jan 3rd. It was a lucky day; we got a 40 high feet container as we expected and finished the loading smoothly.

Congratulations, we made it!

Nothing in the world is smooth. When problems occur, the key is whether we are prepared to deal with and solve them. Fortunately, we solved the problem in a timely and effective manner. On the road of our business, we have moved forward and grown all the way, and there are good and bad gains along the way. But in any case, they are our precious wealth, laying the foundation for our future development and accumulating experience.

Thanks to all the customers who care about us, thank you for your support and staying with us, so that we can continue to become a better company and partner.

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