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Glass Lifting System is Certificated by SGS

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Glass Lifting System is Certificated by SGS


In Sep 2020. We got an order from a European customer for 8 sets Jib Crane and 1 set KBK glass lifting system. After a quick confirm of the specification of the products and order process, we start to produce. Within 25 days, we finished the production and were waiting for the SGS inspection.


SGS Inspection

SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing, and certification company. It is recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity. In 2020, Oct 15th, authorized by our client, we invited the SGS agency to control quantity and quality and meet all relevant regulatory requirements.


On Nov 2th, we delivered out this order successfully. Congratulations! We have delivered another good service to our client.


Now let’s have a review of the brief introduction of the products that our client ordered.


Jib Crane/ Column cantilever crane

It is comprised of column, art beam, swing mechanism and lifting mechanism. There are swing mechanism and connection flange of arm installing on column. Cantilever beam is made of sealed box structure; The hoist or the sucker lifter is installed on the I-beam steel, moving along the longitudinal direction of the beam, the rotating mechanism drives the cantilever beam to rotate by the gear transmission mechanism.

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KBK Overhead Crane

The outlooking looks like a porch; the vacuum lifter runs along the travelling beam of the porch; the travelling beam runs along the maim beam of the frame.

It is widely used in insulating glass line, lamination line, vertical CNC, tempering line and also cutting line, it with advantages of space-saving, stable to operate, manpower-saving, large area coverage.

The Porch-Shaped Overhead Crane takes the glass sheet to the production line and the right position that you’d like. It equipped with a vacuum lifter to operate your glass sheet up and down, rotate and turn over, quite easy to operate for one worker.


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