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Glass sling purchased by Morocco customer

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One of our Morocco customer: HAXXX for Glass Import. They mainly import laminated glass from china. The way they used to lift glass is by steel wire rope, just as the following pic shows. It’s simple and money saving. But how significant safety risk they should bear!


We introduce our glass sling to him, which it’s well sold in America, Australia and Southeast Asia.

It’s high quality and well-designed glass slings in China. It was made by Swiss ribbon loom. The sling has four layers and was made by the high-intensity polyester tread as the bearing core, and add high-tech materials in the inner glass contact area as the anti-cutting layer. Also, it originally creates the R-angle full-steel plate base which can be used in the lifetime. Product design conforms to the principle of mechanics, spreads the load, and the details are perfect.


This sling is 9 kg heavier than the similar product in the market, which makes its life cycle doubled. It was applied for the national patent (patent number: 201430200860.0) protection and is under protect by Pacific Insurance Company. It is qualified with China domestic test report and destroy tension test.


The feedback from the customer of the glass sling is very well. “It lowered occupational injuries and make production in-control.” Specialized in research, development and selling of Glass Machinery,

Make our customer’s business more profitable is always our aim.


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