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Guided installation steps for dimming glass and atomized glass

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Site preparation

The dimming glass needs to be connected to the power, so make a glass slot at the position where the glass is installed, the depth of which is 20mm. In order to facilitate glass installation, the glass slot can be made an edge first, and then the other edge can be fixed after the glass is installed. At the same time, leave a set of wires (zero wire and live wire) in the glass slot. As the picture shown below,


Note: A transformer must be used for glass electricity. If the power supply is located on the ceiling, it is better to have an inspection port near the wire to facilitate the later maintenance of the transformer.

Dimming Glass 1

Glass installation

1. Tools that need to be prepared before installation are: electric pen, electrical tape, wire-cutting tools, wires (wires of 1.5, 1 or 0.5 square meters can be prepared according to site conditions.)


2. Before installation, use an electric pen to test whether the remaining wires have electricity to prevent the installer from electric shock and glass breakdown. After confirming that the wire switch has been turned off, connect the glass port of the transformer first, leave the 220V input unconnected, and wrap it with wire tape. This can prevent others from accidentally turning on the switch, and it is also convenient for the later test after the installation of the glass.

3. If there is more than one piece of glass, according to the position of the glass, you can connect the branch line on the main line first. As shown below

Dimming Glass 2

4. Place the wooden board where the glass is installed to prevent the glass from colliding with hard objects. As shown below:

Dimming Glass 3

5. Glass installation

The glass stands on the prepared plank. Then connect the power. As shown below

Dimming Glass 4

6. After the glass is connected to the electricity, install the glass into the glass slot. As shown below

Dimming Glass 5

As shown in the above picture: If the slots on both sides of the glass upper slot are already prepared, the small wires are outside after the glass is installed. You can use a card (such as a bank card) to stuff the wires into the glass slot. 

7. If there is more than one glass, install each glass one by one. As shown below,

Dimming Glass 5

8. After the glass is installed, use temporary electricity. Connect the transformer to test and observe whether the glass is transparent after power-on. As shown below:

No power, the glass is opaque:

Dimming Glass 2

After power on, the glass is transparent:

Dimming Glass 5

9. After testing whether the glass is normally transparent and atomized after power on. Adjust the glass connector and connect the transformer.

10. Put glass glue on the glass to carry out edge finishing work.

Glass installation completed

Schematic diagram of glass wire connection:

Dimming Glass 5

Pay attention:

Special glass glue and power supply must be used for glass, other types of glass glue and power supply cannot be used. The use of other glass glue will cause the glass to corrode, and the use of other power supplies or the absence of a transformer will cause the glass to fail to work or breakdown.

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