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How Fast Can Toyocc Deliver Goods for Client?

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How Fast Can Toyocc Deliver Goods for Client?

Only 2 days (from get paid to goods arrive at Shanghai Port warehouse)


Today is Jan. 28, 2022, most of Chinese companies are off duty for relaxing from work in the occasion of CNY. But for Toyocc team, we are still on our duty to serve our client. The most pleasant thing is to help our client to settle any issue during the order fulfillment procedure, even some impossible task as followed case:

Jan. 20


Client confirm order and arrange payment in the same day.

Jan. 21


Received client payment


Client shipping agent inform us the goods must be arrived in Shanghai warehouse on Jan. 23.

Jan. 23

If our goods can not arrive in warehouse on Jan, 23, will missed last vessel before CNY holiday. And the next vessel after CNY is on Feb. 15.

According to above time schedule, that means we only have 1 day to finish all delivery procedure, include before-delivery inspection, wooden case packing customized, and delivery. It’s nearly the impossible task even if in the normal working days. However there is a bad news from logistics company, there is no one can offer the delivery from our factory to Shanghai port since all the logistics companies are off duty for CNY holiday. We can not count how many calls we make to find logistics service, but the result is no one can offer the delivery.


By the situation, the usual step is to postpone delivery to next vessel schedule on Feb. 15 after holiday. But we did not give up on it. As the same time, we are keeping the real-time update with our client. From our client side, they also will face the big problem if can not catch this vessel.


For this situation, we must find way to help our client to catch this vessel. But there is no logistic company can offer delivery service. We even have checked JD & SF express service (TOP 2 express service brand in China), but unfortunately, they also can not guarantee the arrival on time. how to do? Rent a Truck Directly! Even though it’s very difficult to find a driver due to epidemic isolation policy when he back from Shanghai, but this is the only way can help client, we never give up. Finally, in the cooperation with our team, and thanks to internet plateform, we find a truck at nearly 23:00pm on Jan. 21.


In the early morning at 06:00am on Jan. 22, our production staff begin to work on machine inspection and packing.


But there is an unforeseen circumstances, when the truck arrived at 14:30pm for loading, we find the truck size is too small to load our goods. There is no possibility to find big truck, we have to change our packing. Re-packing! It’s not easy work, we need to keep trying and changing in order to be loaded on the truck. It cost 4 hours, from 14:30 to 18:30pm, finally done for re-packing and loading on truck for dispatch.


After over 5 hours driving, the truck arrive in Shanghai warehouse at 00:30 on Jan. 23. The coming problem is for queuing to enter warehouse to unload goods. It’s the peak busy time on the port before CNY, there is a so long queue wait to enter warehouse.


Finally, after 8 hours queuing, the goods are discharged in warehouse safely at 08:30am on Jan. 23.

It’s really a tortuous process! Thanks for our perfect team work to ensure we can solve client problem timely and properly.


Toyocc team aims to offer valued solution to our clients with our professional service at anytime.

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