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How to Choose glass edge grinding machine?

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 How to choose the edge grinding machine

First of all, you need to understand the type and characteristics of the edge grinding machine. Glass edge grinding machine mainly has the following categories:

Firstly, single-arm special-shaped edge grinding machine (referred to as special-shaped machine or single-arm machine), not only can grinding straight edge, can also grinding round edge, duck mouth, can also grinding hypotenuse; It can grind circular workpiece, also grind ellipse and special-shaped workpiece. A mould is mounted on the independent chuck, and some irregularly shaped workpieces can be ground with the special-shaped machine. Its structure is simple, the manufacturing cost is relatively low, so the price is cheaper.

Secondly, the linear edge grinding machine, there are three characteristics of the linear edge grinding machine. Firstly it can be used for relatively single, grind all kinds of linear edge; Secondly, it can be used for continuous grinding, high production efficiency; Thirdly, it can grind the size of the larger plate glass.

Linear edge grinding machine is the most variety and specification of all kinds of edge grinding machine, according to the grinding of the different linear edge, it can be divided into linear edge grinding machine, linear circle, linear bevel machine three.

Thirdly, profile model edge grinding machine, can use the template accurate positioning, can accurately grinding round or shaped glass straight edge, round edge, duck mouth, bevel edge, etc., this kind of edge grinding machine grinds out the glass shape accurate, unified size, high production efficiency. This type of machine is suitable for the production of a few varieties, but the production of a large batch of glass processing. We first should choose when buying larger scale of production and product quality is stable, perfect after-sales service system, high credibility of the manufacturers in the production of edge grinding machine, because of these manufacturers edge grinding machine is on the price is higher than small factory production, but the quality and after-sales service is much better than the small factory, comfortable to use. Even in the use of some technical problems, these manufacturers will help you to solve in time. General in the warranty period is free, the warranty period appropriate charge cost. In addition to the special note is, if you need to buy the type and number of edging machine more, it is best to choose the same manufacturer. Because it is convenient for future production, management, maintenance and so on, and because it is a bulk purchase, the price and service can be more favorable. If the requirements of grinding precision of glass products are not too high, you can consider to buy some small factory produced edge grinding machine. This can save the investment in the purchase of equipment, because the price of machines in small factories is relatively cheap, generally can be lower than the production of large factories 10% ~ 20%.

The inner circle edge grinding machine, the characteristics of the inner circle machine is simple structure, low price, but the use of a single, mainly suitable for processing the periphery of the circle.

The linear bilateral edge grinding machine, characterized by the ability to simultaneously grind two opposite sides of the glass, good processing accuracy, high production efficiency, suitable for large quantities of glass edge grinding production. According to the width of the glass grinding can be divided into small and medium-sized and large two kinds, the maximum grinding width in two meters below called medium and small bilateral grinding machine, the maximum grinding width in two meters and more than two meters called large bilateral grinding machine, grinding head configuration has 16, 20, 22 grinding first class. Large double-sided mills are generally computer-controlled and highly automated and are suitable for grinding large-sized flat glass. However, such equipment is relatively expensive.

Imported edge grinding machine, imported machine quality, high precision, production efficiency and service life are much higher than the domestic machine. But the price of imported machines is expensive, generally 3~10 times the price of similar domestic machines.

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