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Dear Sir or Madam!

Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic in the world, and in particular in Europe, Our clients and partners ask us many questions about the functioning of our company. That is why we would like to inform you that at present there have been no changes in our usual operational, technological and business processes.


We produce without a break. Our stocks of raw materials and components as well as a diversified supply structure allow us to produce the entire range of products without interference.


In many countries there are restrictions on the movement of people but not on the movement of goods, which is why we ensure delivery of all goods in the normal manner. Possible delays in deliveries are only possible due to the introduction of additional epidemiological restrictions. We inform our clients on an ongoing basis about the course of delivery.


Toyocc is not planning to quarantine.

All protection measures for employees against the virus have been introduced at our production facilities and offices: business trips and visits in the coming months are canceled. The principles of room hygiene and personal hygiene of employees are strictly observed, and their health is monitored; dispensers with disinfectant liquid etc. have been installed


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