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Learn more about pack cork for insulated glass

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Learn More About Glass Cork Pack

Glass cork cushion is used for protection in the transportation of glass, because before using paper to protect, there will be various problems, such as easy deliquescence, poor shock resistance, easy deformation, deterioration and other problems. As a result, a lot of glass can not be used after being transported to the destination. Therefore, glass cork mat is used for protection. However, many people do not know what the glass cork mat is. So I will introduce what the cork mat is. The cork gasket belongs to the field of fragile articles protection, including cork sheet layer, mesh transparent adhesive layer and adhesive non transfer protective film. The cork sheet layer and the adhesive non transfer protective film are respectively bonded on both sides of the mesh transparent adhesive layer and are integrated. The shockproof PE film cork gasket is a kind of shockproof cork product used for packaging, specifically a kind of shockproof PE film cork gasket. Its structure includes a layer of cork layer and a layer of movable adhesive film, the movable plastic film adheres to a layer of release paper, and the cork layer and the movable adhesive film layer are adhered together. The cork layer and the removable film are cut into small pieces, and the release paper layer is a whole. Shockproof PE film cork gasket can be easily attached to the surface of the object, and easy to remove, without any residue or offset printing on the surface of the object. The cork gasket has a very good shockproof effect, low cost, good shockproof effect, convenient and safe use, no residue or offset printing. So the emergence of cork mat has changed all kinds of problems before the use of glass.

The cork is a kind of non-toxic and non-toxic material on the cork, which is light and non-toxic. The cork has no signs of aging and is covered with soft cells , fire safety, thermal insulation, elastic shock absorption, anti slip, sound insulation, non heat transfer, non conductive, air tight, durable, pressure resistant, wear resistant, corrosion resistant, acid resistant, water resistant, etc. It is widely used as the pad of various machines, instruments and meters, friction brake of power machinery, handicraft, golf handle, message board, floor and wall board, as well as various fields with moisture-proof, heat insulation and shock absorption. It can be used in many different places, such as family, hospital, school, library, advertisement, toy, craft, gift, electronic technology product and so on.

In the process of transportation, the glass paper will be directly damaged due to the rain and the glass paper. However, after using the cork mat produced by our company, it can effectively separate the glass, prevent the occurrence of all the above undesirable phenomena, and ensure that the glass reaches the customers' hands intact. Moreover, the cost of the product is lower than that of using paper and pearl cotton. It is the best packaging material for glass deep processing industry at home and abroad.

Protection object: tempered, hollow, laminated, coated and bulletproof glass

Main uses: in the glass storage and transportation process to play the role of isolation, adjust the spacing, prevent the glass and glass because of contact, collision, scratch and broken phenomenon, effectively protect the glass, make it intact.

Cork doesn't belong to any wood. It's the bark of an oak

1. High density, good elasticity: made of natural cork particles, not some other materials used as sandwich in the market.

2. Good color, good handle: cork particles raw materials are very fine, so the surface is relatively smooth, good handle. The color is similar to the log color, which is convenient to match with the surrounding environment.

3. Environmental protection and health: the message board processing process are using environmental protection raw materials, many of the factory products are exported. No matter it is the office, home, bedroom and other places, you can rest assured to use.

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