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The development of Glass Machinery Industry

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The glass equipment industry is highly rely on the international market. The building safety regulations of many countries have mandatory provisions on the use of building glass, and the requirement of high-rise buildings and energy conservation will drive the demand for LOW-E safety insulating glass to continue to rise. Low-e glass production and processing equipment has become the focus of competition among major glass equipment manufacturers. Whoever wins in this competition will win the future. For example, the export volume of major European producing countries accounts for more than 70% of the total sales volume, and professional glass exhibitions have become one of the effective marketing channels. The glass equipment industry is actively participating in the exhibition.

Grasp the key point and direction of glass deep processing

As a basic material, glass products are playing a more and more role in the two major application fields of architecture and automobile, which further develop into diversified functions, light weight and complicated shapes. All these bring more opportunities and challenges for glass production and processing equipment.

In terms of architectural glass, low-E will become the mainstream of development. Low-e glass is the fastest growing deep processed product in the past 10 years. Oil and other energy crises will surely push countries around the world to pay more attention to energy conservation, and corresponding laws and regulations will be gradually established and improved.

Following the development trend of automobile, automobile glass is developing towards personalized, environment-friendly, comfortable frame, safer and easy to communicate. At present, the development trend of glass processing equipment in the world is the flexibility of production process, the multi-function of production equipment, and the high repeatability of technological process, which makes the processing process more accurate. Equipment control is automated to ensure no defects in processed glass at high temperature, high speed and high accuracy, and to achieve the required dimensional tolerances.

As the thickness of automobile and building glass is decreasing, thin glass puts forward higher requirements for glass deep processing equipment and processing technology. Many glass deep processing enterprises are improving the production efficiency of production lines and integrating each link of the deep processing production process. At the same time, the equipment assembly adopts modularization, the global information service system of the equipment and production enterprises is constantly improved, and the real-time communication technology provides fast guarantee for the equipment. All these have become the development trend of the glass deep processing equipment in the future.

To establish the image of China's glass machinery industry:

One tree does not make a forest. More efforts are needed to build the brand of Chinese glass machinery. This needs to be led by the industry association, with the support of export enterprises, through formal channels of commercial publicity and public relations, to establish the brand image of "China glass machinery". The experience of industry associations in Italy and Germany is worth following.

The good development prospect of the glass deep processing industry will still be the source power of the rapid development of China's glass machinery manufacturing industry. It is estimated that the annual growth rate of China's demand for safety glass in automobile and building sandwich is about 30% from 2011 to 2013. That is to say, China's glass machinery industry has great potential for development and great staying power. Chinese marketing demand for processing glass machinery shows a steady rise.

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