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Types of the U arm for loading and unloading of glasses

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Types of the U arm for loading and unloading of glasses


This type of loading U arms, which are used as a crane accessory, can load glass crate with different capacities and measures, the most used and demanded are these two models: standard (model B) and light (model A)




Max. Loading Capacity



Total Length



Empty Weight



Loading glass crate

max. length



The total length refers to the upper part. As for the lower length, that is, the part that goes into the container, it is the same in both models.

One of the main differences between model B and A is that the standard U arm loads more dimensions options than the light one.

In this way, with the model B it is possible to load / unload glasses crate up to a length of 3660mm. On the other hand, with the A model, crate length up to 3000mm can only be loaded when using this U arm capacity.


 Characteristics of the U arm for loading and unloading of glasses

One of the great advantages of this loading U arm model is that it allows you to get as close as possible to the sides of the container, this makes unloading the material much easier.

The loading U arm has an empty weight (when it is not loaded) and once it is loaded the sum of both (empty weight + load) gives us a total weight. The crane where the loading U arm is installed must have the capacity to lift this total load.

The U arm model B (Empty weight 2.2tons) is one of the most widely used in glass workshops. When this is the case, to lift up to glasses up to a weight of 2.7 tonnes it requires that the crane loading more than 5 tonnes to be able to be used in this type of 2.2T loading U arm.


Why the U arm is a good investment?

As a crate extraction unit, the U arm is a crane attachment used for lifting crated slabs of glasses from closed top containers. Designed to lift glass crate securely and to increase efficiency and worker safety with improved load handling.


Properly use the U arm

1. Don't stand under the U arm.

2. The maximum load of this U arm does not exceed 2700Kg.

3. Regularly check the opening of the boom to prevent metal fatigue from causing danger.

4. Before hoisting the glass, it must be ensured that the jib is balanced when it is unloaded.

5. Always check the welding joint and opening of the U arm. If the welding joint is cracked or the opening is too large, it must be stopped and maintained.

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