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Why Tempered Glass Production, Consumption up Significantly Worldwide?

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To understand, let’s first have a look at how tempered glass produces.

Tempered glass is manufactured by special heated furnaces, which heat the annealed glass to a uniform temperature of approximately 700ºC. Then it is rapidly cooled. This rapid cooling puts the glass surface into a state of compression while the central core remains in tension, which also makes the tempered glass one of the safety glass.

Compared with ordinary glass, tempered glass has the following benefits.

★More Safety. The process of extreme heating and rapid cooling makes the tempered glass much harder and tougher than normal glass. Usually, it’s four times stronger than annealed glass. 

☆Less injury. When tempered glass breaks, it breaks into small granular chunks pieces. These pieces are blunt and mostly harmless.

★Higher temperature capacity. Another benefit of tempered glass is the ability to stand up to moderate heat.

☆A broader range of applications. Tempered glass offers a wide variety of uses in the following area:

√    Showroom shelves

√    Balcony doors

√    Facades

√    Athletic facilities

√    Swimming pools

√    Shower cabins and bathroom areas

√    Exhibition areas and displays

√    Computer towers and the like

√    Inside and rear windows in the motor vehicle industry


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