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Why does glass mold? What should be paid attention to when maintaining glass?

Views: 16     Author: Luciana Wang     Publish Time: 2020-02-17      Origin: Zhongbo.com

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When speaks of the mold, many people think of food and wood for the first time. For smooth glass, many people may not think that it will mold. In fact, if the glass is not carefully maintained, mold will also occur. It not only affects the aesthetics, but also affects the performance of glass. If it is high-rise glass, there will be hidden safety problems.


The reason why glass is moldy is that the problem lies in its raw materials. For reasons of cost, ordinary glass contains more sodium oxide and calcium oxide. When the glass contains more water vapor, the glass is prone to moisture. This is also the case. Why in the spring and summer seasons in the south, glass will appear moldy.


Glass mold is divided into several stages. When it is not maintained for a long time, water vapor will adhere to the glass surface in a form that is hard to see with the naked eye. At this time, the glass and mold begin to mold, and then water vapor begins to diffuse into the glass, like iron and copper rust. same. After that, the sodium, potassium, calcium and other compounds in the glass are hydrolyzed to form caustic soda, and the mold reaction is further intensified.


After moldy glass does not produce Mucor as we usually understand, but also has the characteristics visible to the naked eye. The slight ones are white fog and white spots, and the area will be eroded after the area spreads further. When moldy invades the interior, it can be seen that the glass has undergone sulfur changes and paper printing. At this time, the glass should reach the replacement period to avoid leaving hidden safety hazards and the glass should be replaced.


In order to avoid safety hazards and aesthetic problems caused by moldy glass, when buying glass, you should pay attention to see if there are spots on the glass, and avoid buying inferior glass with improper storage. Glass doors and windows should be kept dry daily to prevent water vapor from eroding the glass and causing glass mold.

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