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Why is the 127th Canton Fair special?

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What is the Canton Fair?


The China Import and Export Fair, also known as the Canton Fair, is held biannually in Guangzhou every spring and fall. Established in 1957, the fair is a comprehensive exhibition with the longest history, largest scale and largest number of products in the world, as well as the broadest range of buyers and the highest business turnover in China.


Why is the 127th Canton Fair special?


Despite the difficulties of the present COVID-19 world, the 127th Canton Fair will launch its new official website providing a breathtaking one-stop trading experience, including spaces for online promotions and buyer-seller discussion and negotiation from all over the world. We believe the first-ever digital exhibition will further improve business recovery and online long-term trade connections in a renewed climate of economic openness and cooperation.


What’s the date of 127th Canton Fair?

June 15th to 24th.

TOYOCC are excited to announce our participation at the 127th Canton Fair. The fair is receiving unprecedented levels of support from the national government allowing this year’s fair to go online for the first time.


TOYOCC will be at the forefront of this new innovation and we are proud to offer an unchanged commitment to high levels of product quality and customer service at our same competitive, preferential prices.


We invite new and loyal clients to visit our website for further details.


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