Pneumatic Vacuum Glass Lifter Sucker – Rotation & Turn Over
Product Overview:

Vacuum glass lifters have become widely used for lifting glass sheet in the factory and glass wall installation in outdoor.
Safety and efficiency are two of the main reasons for using vacuum glass lifters. Not only does this equipment allow for a reduction in the number of personnel required to move piping, it minimizes the risk or injury to ground personnel. Glasses are moved safely and stacked without extra personnel in the in unloading area.
Our vacuum glass lifters are used Thomas brand (the United States) as the vacuum pump and Japan SMC as the control system of the electrical component, the vacuum pads are imported and made by the special silicones, it features with no crack at -20 degrees and high temperature resistance of 90 degrees.
When the equipment is suddenly cut off or the air pipe bursts, the control system will automatically lock the vacuum to ensure that the glass will not fall for 10-15 minutes.
  • 350-500kg safe working load
  • Japan SMC for the lifting air cylinder, vacuum generator, one-way valve, vacuum manometer, air cleaner, etc.
  • Extension arms for different configurations
  • Imported vacuum pads with temperature resistance -20 degree to 90 degree
Model TR-XFZ350-4 TR-XFZ450-6A TR-XFZ450-6B
Lifting Capicity 350KG 450KG
Pad Quantity 4 6
Vertical Lifting Max Distance 1.2 meters
Pad Diameter 250mm
Pad Material Silica Gel
Turn Over Degree 90° manual turn over & rotation
Product details:
Shipment picture:
X type Electrical Glass Lifter Sucker

Product Overview:


This product is widely used in highend glass, Insulated glass pairing, and other places with a strict requirement on glass placing. It can ensure that single piece of glass not hurt when placing. For hollow glass pairing, it can take and put glass accurately, to achieve the goal of saving manpower & time & space. The shelf has a device for fixing glass to avoid glass slide down when moving. It uses separated structure, easy to assembly and installation, can greatly reduce the cost of transportation.

  • Light and compact, easier operation
  • DC12V battery power, and no cable connection needed
  • Extension arms are available for different sizes of glass sheet
  • Manual turning-over 90°and rotation 360°with spring lock positioning
  • Digital vacuum pressure display and LCD battery colume display
  • Sealed cover for components protection, suited for outdoor use
  • Low pressure alarm with acoustic and light
  • Safety tanks ensure the longer holding time
  • Charging for full 4 hrs, working life is about 30 to 40 hrs in a row

DC12V Electrical Glass Lifter Sucker

Model: RSY-DXF500-4、600-6、800-8

Operating weight: 500/600/800KG

Sucker No.: 4/6/8

Operating electric pressure: DC12V

Battery Life: 30-40hours

Moment power-off protection: 10mintues

Work range: Rotate 360°;overturn 90°.

Vacuum Pump: Thomas(American)

Sucker material: white silica gel, suitable temperature:-40°to90°;leave no trace

Function: Mainly suitable for outdoor screen   installation/and indoor large-glass movement, it has rotating and reversal   function. 

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H Type Electrical Glass lifter
Product Overview:

Designed for big-sized glass, mainly suitable for outdoor screen installation/and outdoor large glass movement, it has rotating and reversal function.(customer also could choose single rotating and reversal function); the machine has power-off protection and alarm function for lack of vacuum. Make use safely, meanwhile could add telecontrol device, suitable for the glass in top outdoor screen.
  • Heavy and compact, easier operation with remote and manual control
  • Battery power, no cable connection needed
  • 12 pcs of vacuum suction cups, working load up to 1.2T
  • Electrical l turning-over 90°and manual rotation 360°
  • Digital vacuum pressure display and LCD battery display
  • Sealed cover for components protection, suited for outdoor use
  • Designed for big-sized glass, mainly suitable for outdoor screen installation/and outdoor large glass movement



Voltage 380V 48V
Battery Life N/A 15-20Hours
Capacity KG 1000-1500
Rotation 360°
Tilt 90°
Control mode Wire/Remote Control


Product details:
Glass Lifting Robot
Product Overview:

One of our top seller products glass robot, which is combining the advantages of a Crane Truck and Vacuum Lifter, providing the economy and efficiency of the robot. This equipment with following features: 1. Low noise and no pollution. 2. Comfortable operation and convenient charge. 3. Legerity turning, flexible, reliable operation. 4.Big wheels design, easy for outdoor use. 5. Dual vacuum system design for safety. 6. Adopt optimum design, have a solid frame and wide vision
  • Rated Load Capacity:350kgs - 800kgs
  • Manual Rotating: 360 degrees
  • Lifting Height: 3500mm
  • Manipulation: Walkie Type
  • Battery:2*12/80V/A
  • Charger: 24/12V/A
  • Overall Width; 810mm-850mm
  • Overall Length: 2660mm- 3045mm
  • Driving Wheel Dimension: 250*80mm- 450*200mm
  • Pads Diameter: 300mm
  • Glass Size: 3660*2440mm
Glass Installation Robot TAR-300 TAR-400 TAR-500 TAR-600 TAR-800
Rated Load
300KG 400KG 500KG 600KG 800KG
Battery 2*12/80V/A 2*12/100V/A 2*12/120V/A 2*12/210V/A
Charger 24/12V/A 24/15V/A 24/18V/A AC110-220V
Overall Length 2660mm 2800mm 3045mm
Driving Wheel
250*80mm 300*100mm 450*200mm
Drive motor 24/1200V/W AC 24V/2.2KW
Overall Width 810mm 850mm
Pads Diameter 300mm 400mm
Manual Rotating 360°
Lifting Height 3500mm/4200mm/4500mm
Lift motor 24/2000V/W
Glass Size 3660*2440mm
Manipulation Walkle Type
Product details:
Shipment picture
Crawler Crane
Product Overview:

Spider Crane is commonly employed in the transport industry for the loading and unloading of freight, in the construction industry for the movement of materials, and in the manufacturing industry for the assembling of heavy equipment. It can be used in installing glass curtain walls, petrochemical pipes, railway construction, machine inspection and maintenance in workshops, electric power construction, or municipal construction.
  • Proportional remote controlled and proportional valve (optionally)
  • Moment limiter(optional)
  • 380v power supply
  • Outrigger by remote control(optional)
  • Five section boom and double connecting cylinder
  • 1.2 height of the body
  • U boom
  • Take the elevator
  • One key to the level of the body (optional)
  • Interlock system
  • Travel available by forklift truck
  • The sensor of outrigger on the ground
  • Remote control walking (optional)



Model KB3.0 KB5.0 KB8.0
Specification 2.95Tx1.3m 5.00T×2.0m 8.00t×2.5m
Maximum Working Radius 8.3mx0.14T 16m×0.21T 15.7m×0.45t
Maximum Ground Lifting Height 9.2m 16.8m 17.8m
Maximum Underground Lifting Height N/A 20.5m N/A
Winch Device Hook Speed 6.5m/min 12m/min 4 10m/min 4
Rope Type Φ7.7mm x 45m Φ12mm×120m Φ12mmx 120m
Telescopic System Boom Type Full automatic 5 section Full automatic 5 section U-shaped fully automatic 5-SECTION
Boom Length 2.56m-8.92 m 4.7m-16.5m 4.65m—16.4m
Telescopic Length/Time N/A 11.7m/54sec (41 sec at speed increase) 34sec (Full extension)
Up and Downs Boom Angle/Time 0° -75° /14sec 0° —80° /24.5sec (17 sec at speed increase) 0-80°/24.5sec
Slew System Slew Angle/Time 0° -360° (continuous) /40sec 0° —360° (Continuous) /21rpm (2.5rpm at speed increase) 360° continuity/2.1rpm
 Outrigger  Outrigger Active Form N/A manual adjustment for the 1 section. Automatic for the 2,3 section
Maximum Extended Dimensions 3900mm × 3750mm (Lift Right)5670mm ×(Front)5510mm x (Behind)5030mm (Lift Right)5750 mm x (Front)5600mm x (Behind)5165mm
Traction system Walking Way Hydraulic motor driven
Walking Speed 0—2.9KM/h 0—2.5KM/h (Forward • backward) 0—15km/h
Ground Length x Width x 2 1010mm × 200mm × 2 1720mm × 320 mm × 2 1720mm × 320 mm
Grade Ability 20° 20° 21°
Ground Pressure 51Kpa 49.0kpa (0.50kgf / cm²) 49.0kpa (0.50kgf/cm2)
Safety Devices Onekey leveling、Torque limiter、Height limiter、Crane outrigger sensor、Alarm device、Emergency button
System Voltage DC12V N/A
Diesel Engine (Optional) Model 3TNV70 N/A N/A
Displacement 0.854L N/A N/A
Maximum Output 10.3KW N/A N/A
Starting Method Electric starting N/A N/A
Fuel Tank Capacity 11L N/A N/A
Operating Temperature -5℃—40℃ N/A N/A
Battery Capacity 12V 45Ah N/A N/A
Petrol Engine Model CH440 N/A N/A
Displacement 429ml N/A N/A
Maximum Output 14HP N/A N/A
Starting Method Recoil start/Electric starting N/A N/A
Fuel Tank Capacity 7.4L N/A N/A
Operating Temperature -5℃—40℃ N/A N/A
Battery Capacity 12V 45Ah N/A N/A
Electric Motor Model N/A YYB160M—4 YYB160M—4
Power Supply Voltage (Standard) AC380v N/A N/A
Working Voltage N/A 380V (Hz50) 380V (Hz50)
Power 4KW 11KW 11KW
Diesel Engine Model N/A 4TNV88 (YANMAR) 4TNV88 (YANMAR)
Displacement N/A 2.19L 2.19L
Maximum Output N/A 25.2KW/2200 min-1 25.2kw/2200 min-1
Starting Method N/A Electric start Electric start
Fuel N/A Fuel oil Diesel oil
Remote Control Type BOX1.1 (Optional) N/A N/A
Operating Range 100m N/A N/A
Water-proof Standards IP67 N/A N/A
Dimension Length x Width x Height 2900mmx800mmx1580mm 4950mm x 1560mm x 2235mm 5030 mm x 1560mm x 2330mm
Weight Vehicle Weight 2050Kg 6000kg 6500 kg
Tank Capacity Tank Capacity N/A N/A 100L
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