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Basic methods for daily maintenance of dimming glass

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1. Do not hit the glass surface with force at ordinary times. In order to prevent the glass surface from scratching, lay the tablecloth. When you put things on the dimming glass furniture, you should take it with care and avoid collision.




2. In daily cleaning, wipe with wet towel or newspaper. In case of stain, wipe it with towel dipped in a little beer or warm vinegar. In addition, glass cleaning agent sold on the market can also be used. Avoid cleaning with strong acid-base solution. In winter, the surface of dimming glass is easy to frosted. It can be wiped with cloth dipped in concentrated brine or white wine, and the effect is very good.




3. Use the wet cloth sprayed with detergent to clean the glass which is often stained with oil. First of all, the dimming glass is sprayed with a special cleaning agent for glazing glass, and then the preservative film is pasted to soften the solidified oil stains. After 15 minutes, tear off the preservative film and wipe it with a wet cloth. If you want to keep the dimming glass bright and clean, you must often clean it. If there are handwriting on the glass, you can rub it with rubber and then wipe it with a wet cloth. If there is paint on the glass, you can use cotton dipped in hot vinegar to scrub it; if you use a clean dry cloth dipped in alcohol to wipe the glass, you can make it as bright as water crystal.




4. Keep away from the kitchen, such as the stove. In addition, the stove should be kept away from the acid, alkali and other chemical reagents to prevent erosion and deterioration.




5. Place the dimming glass furniture in a fixed place, do not move back and forth at will, but place objects stably. Heavy objects should be placed at the bottom of the glass furniture to prevent the furniture from overturning due to unstable center of gravity.




6. Once the dimming glass with patterns is dirty, you can use a toothbrush dipped in detergent and wipe it in circles along the pattern to remove it. So the glass is clean and bright.




7. Serious scratch of glass cannot be repaired. If it is very slight, it can be polished and repaired by polishing wheel.

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