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Business Model During the COVID-19 (I)

Views: 30     Author: Luciana Wang     Publish Time: 2020-03-27      Origin: Site

  • Background – What are you doing during this special period?


When the 2019-nCov becomes a global problem in 2020. What is your business plan? Don’t you think it is time to prioritize your business plan? Taking some actions now instead of just waiting, because business needs are still existing but just delayed by the situation.


When your business is delayed by the virus, what are you doing now?  - Life goes on.


When most people have to stay at home and are trying to be safe, what are you planning now? - It is time for you to think about online promotion and online sales.


Picture this, when you are hesitating on making the order, someone has already done; when you decided to make the order, others’ orders have already been on the way; when your orders are on the way, others have already received their products and did a deep process; when you got your products and going to have a deep process, others’ products have already been on sale.


Like I said previously, some of our customers have already made the orders and now their orders are under processing. Lets think in this way, one month to prepare the order and one month to ship them to your seaport. If everything goes right, it would take 2 months. But now, you are still in a hesitate to wait for the situation backs to normal, sorry, you have already lost your business opportunities.


  • Think the things in a different way, take the business opportunities!


There is always something that unexpected, sometimes they are good things and sometimes they are in the opposite. But no matter good or bad. Life goes on, they make us grow and be stronger.


Throughout the life of a business and in client relationships, there are moments of truth, where relationships are made or broken, where crises can become opportunities, where character, intent, and effort make all the difference. It is important to always making yourself one step faster than others, one faster step in each circle will make others cannot catch up with you.


Let’s stay strong and positive!


  • What should you do? – Our business plans.


For the current global situation, it makes us think about different ways to meet the needs of our customers. The good news is, we work out. In 2020, we will be focused on the online video selling. If the customers cannot come to see the machines in person, we will do it for them.


It is a nice way to let the customers see us in this way, to let them better know our factory and machines. We are inspired by the hundreds of inquiries on our new machines of 2020, the glass grinding machine and glass cutting machine. They give us the ideas to make the video for you.


This time, let's see the glass beveling machine, next time for cutting machine. Please enjoy the video below.

1. Visit the factory

2. Check the machine

3. Check the glass edge effect

4. Next show glass cutting machine

Stay Tuned!

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