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Business Model During the COVID-19 (II)

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How are you today!


"How are you” is a common sentence when people greeting each other. There are lots of replies, “I am good”, “Thank you, and you?”, “Everything is good”. Among them, there is a reply “Same thing, different day”. But each time, when I saw it, I don’t feel it is a good expression.


Nowadays, we cannot keep the same, we should make something different every day. It is obvious that I am saying the good changes.


What are you doing now?


The COVID has lasted for several months in the world, it comes to each country. Lots of people have died and are under suffering now. It brings a lot of pain. But we are stronger than we thought, life keeps going on. It is time to skip out of your own world and to see what others are doing now.


Even during this hard time, we could see there are always some companies that are in a good running operation, they do affect by the COVID but not as bad as others. The problem is if you are one of them.


We are not afraid that others are better than us, but we do afraid that people who are better than us are working harder than us.


This is a world of survival of the fittest, you are not a kid anymore, please be strong and cheer up.



Rethink your business running model


This is a high technology world and the internet is developing rapidly. The traditional operating model is facing a crisis. For example, some manual data entry has been replaced by artificial intelligence. In China, there is no need for cash-paying or card paying, scanning the code by using your mobile is enough for you to do any consumption.


The electronic time has already arrived, and it is penetrating into everyone's life.


What are we doing now?


We are a young and full of energy company with an open mind for new things. And obviously, we are a pioneer in this field now, and following by a lot of other peers. On the second day of our reality shows lunching, we saw some other peers are doing the same promotion ways on Facebook. And we found even some other peers copied our post content and emailed to their customers. We are flattered.


Now, you are curious about what kind of enterprise are we, don’t you? Please feel free to visit our website, company page in the Facebook and LinkedIn









Looking back, our promotion ways are experiencing the following evolutions.


Product pictures (.jpg) → Dynamin pictures(.gif) → Small Videos → Reality Shows



We bring our products to our customers step by step; we went to the factories to make the videos to present them to our customers. Our purpose is very simple, if our customers cannot come to visit, we will go for them.


No one wants to fall behind, but the problem is if you get yourself prepared.



To All

As an end, here is a sentence that I love” YOU in the future will be grateful to the YOU who is working hard now”.


Please enjoy our new shows


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