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China Glass 2019 in Beijing

Views: 389     Author: Lin Chen     Publish Time: 2020-01-19      Origin: TOYO

The China Glass 2019 exhibition took place at the New China International Exhibition Center in Beijing, China on May 22-25th 2019.

The 30th edition of the exhibition will be organized by the Chinese Ceramic Society and contracted by the Beijing Zhonggui Exhibition Co.

The event attracted nearly 1000 glass industrial manufacturers and more than 40,000 buyers to its eight exhibition halls. The exhibition area is over 100,000 m2.


According to an on-site questionnaire survey, 97% of exhibitors and visitors were ‘very satisfied’ with China Glass in 2018. The exhibition’s high level of professionalism and internationalization was highly recognized by the global glass community.


The Chinese glass industry is facing economic growth due to a series of policies. This includes enhancing technological innovation with the 13th Five-Year-Plan, Made in China 2025 strategy, Belt and Road Initiative, Coordinated Development for the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region, Development Strategy of the Yangtze river economic belt and Consumption Upgrading of the Chinese domestic market.

China Glass 2019 has provided a trade and technical platform for the international glass community with its exhibition scale, international outlook and professional services.


Our Company rented the biggest booth on the exhibition this time, and exhibited almost whole range of glass products which are related to glass industry. There are several sections for our exhibition booth, such as glass machinery section, special glass section, glass machine accessories section and glass hand tools section. Please see below detailed information about our booth in case you did not have chance to visit our booth last time.

1. Glass machinery section


Our full range of glass lifter including vacuum glass lifter and electrical glass lifter to suit your indoor and outdoor use. Also customized goods are available if you have some special requirements for the products. We have specialized technicians at your service. There is nothing impossible to design and produce as long as you have faith in us technical team.

Other glass machinery like glass racks, glass processing machines pls feel free to visit our website for more info.

2. Special Glass Section

This section is only for some special glass, like fireproof glass, bulletproof glass, various kinds acid glass with high quality with competitive prices. The high-tech acid glass production machine we use in our factory allows the improvement in quantity and quality of acid glass. Besides, we have dimming glass, A.K.A. switchable glass controlled by electrical power, which is suitable for high-end office, apartment and hotel.

3. Glass Machine Accessories Section

This section is for glass accessories used on all kinds of glass machines and some handy glass tools for glass processing and producing. Covering almost full range of glass machine accessories as long as you need. There is also one little booth for some diamond wheels used on glass edging machine and double edge glass machine, both imported or domestic made types for you to choose.


4. Labor Protection Section

This section of products is newly developed, mainly focused on some anti-cutting clothes like gloves, sleeves, aprons and suits and so on. Our customers no longer need to buy these from local distributors, they can directly buy these kinds of products from us shipping together with other products from us, which is easier and far more convenient, saving up cost and lots of trouble for our buyers.

From this exhibition, we met a lot of nice people. We are looking forward to seeing those nice people again and hope to meet more new people in the near future!

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