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Five Installation Methods for Glass Curtain Wall

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Glass facade is a common form of exterior side during building construction. It can be roughly divided into five types from the category of structure: fully hidden frame glass curtain wall, semi-hidden frame glass curtain wall, exposed frame glass curtain wall, hanging type glass curtain wall, and frameless glass curtain wall. Because of the different structure of each glass curtain wall, its installation method is also varied, which will further affect the installation structure of the LED display screen in it. Do you know what are the common installation methods of the glass curtain wall?


1. For fully hidden frame glass curtain wall


The installation method of fully hidden frame curtain wall is to fix the curtain wall glass on the aluminum alloy frame. The upper and lower frames correspond to the upper and lower beams of the aluminum alloy frame, and the two sides of the glass correspond to the two vertical rods of the aluminum alloy frame.

2.For semi-hidden frame glass curtain wall


As there are two types of semi-hidden frame glass curtain wall, horizontal hidden glass curtain wall and vertical hidden glass curtain wall, so there are two installation methods for this kind of semi-hidden frame curtain wall glass. The horizontal hidden type is to install the glass in the groove and fix it, and then use the glass glue to reinforce it horizontally. The vertical hidden type is to put the glass in the aluminum alloy groove of the crossbar, add pressure plate on the top of the glass, hiding aluminum alloy vertical rod behind the glass.


3.For exposed frame glass curtain wall


Whether it is a combination of glass and special aluminum alloy bars made frame or a structural steel frame, the aluminum alloy frame of the entire curtain wall will be exposed to the outside.


4.For hanging type curtain wall


This is an installation method in which to connect the four claws of the stainless steel parts to the glass holes of the curtain wall, one hole matching to one claw. Or we can take it in this way-drill one hole in each of the four corners of the glass, and then to fix glass to the four claws of the stainless steel part.


5. For frameless glass curtain wall


The frameless glass curtain wall is also known as structural glass. This kind of curtain wall is mostly used for the first floor of the building, which is similar to the floor-to-ceiling windows. The glass is installed in the form of hoisting by hooks with symmetrical intervals or special bars. The exact operation steps are: First to fix glass on the main frame of the U-bar with special bar hooks, and then hang the U-bar to the bottom of the plate or under the beam. If you want to strengthen the rigidity of the glass, support frame or horizontal rail can be added.

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