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Forklifting System Solutions Adopted in Glass Industry

Views: 10     Author: Aiko Jiang     Publish Time: 2020-07-30      Origin: Site

How to handle large glass sheet packing can be a tricky problem, but meanwhile it's the daily routine of every glass manufacturing and processing factory. Here are several forklift attachment lifting systems that can be implemented to help save labor force and greatly increase efficiency:

1.Forklift Crane Lifting Arm+Spreader Beam+Lifting Sling


 2. Forklift Crane New Version Lifting Arm+Spreader Beam+Lifting Sling


3.Forklift Crane Base Type Lifting Arm+ Spreader Beam+Lifting Sling


 4. Forklift Crane Overhead Lifting Beam+Lifting Sling


 5.Forklift Crane Double Jib Lifting Attachment+ Lifting Sling


6. U-Shape Lifting Equipment


7. Forklift Crane Long Jib Lifting Attachment


All  can be customized to 100% match specific forklift crane. Just take three photos of the forklift crane from front,side and 45° angle, and we will let you know what specific information you should supply.  Information confirmed, and customization process shall start.

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