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High Quality Diamond Wheel for Beveling Machine 150*22*5*12 180 Grit

Bowl Type diamond wheel is mainly used for flat/ laminated glass edge grinding for glass beveling machine.
  • Φ150*22*38*5
  • TOYO
  • A014
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Toyo Cup type diamond grinding wheel is made of diamond abrasive as raw material, metal powder, resin powder, ceramics and electroplating metal as the binder, and the circular consolidated grinding tool with through hole in the center is called diamond grinding wheel (alloy grinding wheel).The structure of diamond grinding wheel is generally composed of working layer, matrix and transition layer.

Cup shaped 150X22X38X5X12 180 Grit


*Beveling machine Pos. 2 for bevel rough grinding  *Various sizes, optional  

*Customize grit  *Sharp and durable  *Suitable for bevel edge grinding machine of glass

                                      ❉PRODUCT PARAMETERS❉

Diameter 150mm,175mm
Hole 12mm,22mm,50mm and other requested size
Ring Width 8,10,12,15mm
Diamond rim thickness 8,10,15mm
Grit 180#, 240#
Application For edging rough grinding

Cup shape150X22X38X5X12 180# 细节图 2

                            Bowl type150X22X38X5X12 180# 细节图



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