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How to Safely Handle Glass?The Most Comprehensive Tips for You

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Due to its unique properties, glass can be easily broken and thus glass industry operators may face high risks in their daily working environment. The most common injuries may include lacerations, cuts, and puncture wounds. In extreme cases the result can be severed arteries, cut tendons, and in the most severe cases amputations and even death. Thus, mastering proper glass handling techniques is the key to guarantee safety in glass industry workplace where large volumes of glass are needed handling daily, from glass manufacturing and processing factories to windows/doors fabrication and installation company. Here are several “Practices for Safe Glass Handling” checklist.

1.   Always wear Personal Protective Equipment.Anti-cutting protective gloves should always be worn when carrying glass panels. In some occasion, protective arm bracer is best suited if your arm will be inevitably in touch with the glass edge. Safety hats aren’t required in all circumstances but are highly recommended when handling larger size of glass sheets.

2.   Carefully inspect the glass sheet up and down before moving it to make sure there isn’t any damage that may cause spontaneous breakage.

3.   Make sure you have a clear path to your destination before picking up the glass.

4.   Always move large sheets of glass at least with two team members or utilize lifting-assist devices as they are much heavier than one would imagine.

5.   Use proper lifting and moving techniques. Carry glass to your side with two hands. Do NOT carry it over your head or under your arms. Hold the glass firmly in your hands.

6.   Use proper hand and body position so that you are not in the “line of fire” in the event of breakage.

7.   Always be aware of your surroundings and other team members. Do not let any surface bump or hit the glass, especially its edges or corners.

8.   When setting glass on the floor, or any other hard surface, gently place it down on the long edge. Do not place glass directly on hard surfaces. Instead, use padding, or another type of cushioning agent.

9.   Always be aware of forklift truck traffic and never stand in front of any container or rack of glass when it is being moved or being set down. Verify that the rack is secure.

10. Do not hold on to broken glass or try to stop falling glass; move out of the way to a safe location.

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