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How to identify whether the purchased tempered vacuum glass is safe or not?

Views: 10     Author: Luciana Wang     Publish Time: 2020-07-29      Origin: China Glass

Many consumers will ask, how to identify whether the glass purchased is safe? Whether the glass is fully tempered glass, whether it has “ccc” mark, whether the glass has inert gas, etc.


So how do we distinguish safety glass? The main feature of tempered glass is that there is a ccc tempering logo and a string of numbers on the glass. This number is the code assigned to the tempering plant by the National Glass Inspection Center. It is automatically added when the machine is tempered, and then passes through the high temperature together with the glass from the tempering furnace. It is difficult to erase and erase the marks after processing; some small manufacturers use screen printing pigments to fake tempered glass on the glass in order to be shoddy. Such marks will be scraped off lightly; this is Simple and intuitive inspection of whether the glass is toughened;

If it is a construction project, a destruction test will be carried out to check whether the degree of toughening of the glass is qualified. The construction drawings of doors and windows of general construction projects will have mandatory requirements for the glass; casement windows require 7 floors and above, and single window glass greater than 1.5 square meters. The glass below 900mm from the ground is forced to be toughened; the particles of the broken glass cannot be larger than 2cm;

tempering glass (2)

In order to save costs and increase profits, some manufacturers did not reach the time or temperature when the glass was tempered, but tempered for the purpose of tempering, completely disregarding the safety of property and life. Such tempered glass will be packed in large pieces after it is broken. The fragments are also very irregular. If this type of glass falls from a height after it is broken, it is very dangerous and does not meet the standards of safety glass;

Therefore, when you purchase door and window glass, you can check the tempered serial number of the glass on the relevant website. That is separate and cannot be faked. For the safety of public property and life, we strongly urge all consumers to strictly check when choosing glass;

In addition, high-altitude planes, such as the top, aisle, and frameless must use laminated glass, and it should be dry clamp, not wet clamp; in fact, there is no concept of wet clamp glass in the industry, but some merchants use it for profit. The name of the wet folder only introduced such a concept.

Wet laminated glass and dry laminated glass can be distinguished directly from the senses. Dry laminated glass uses film, which is melted by high temperature heating, so that two glasses are glued together. Wet glass is to use glue to stick two glasses together. There is a lot of oil when installing the glass, and the glass will be blurred. Dry laminated glass is just the opposite, the film in the middle is directly visible.

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