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Shark Tooth Glass Trolley for AU Customer

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This project starts with one picture that customer gave us, and they asked us if we could design some similar trolley with adding some of their own requirements. They need this kind of trolley to place windows. The answer was no problem. We have a team of technicians specializing in customized design.


After a face-to-face meeting, this customer listed several requirements for this trolley.

1. 1250(Wide)*700(Deep)*1200(Tall) mm

2. slots are 38mm wide 

3. two b rakes turning wheels and two fixed wheels,

4. working loading weight 1 ton. 


Here is one shark tooth drawing for this trolley tooth.


Here is the sample we made and some dimensions:


We even make the trolley detachable and save much shipping space and shipping cost.




So, if you have any customized requirements or deigns, pls feel free to contact me.

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