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TOYOCC New Glass Laminating Machine promotion

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TOYOCC Glass Laminating Machine

TOYOCC has been committed to offering glass machinery and relevant equipment manufacturing and exporting service for many years, upholding honest business philosophy all the time, to create value for our customers with products of high-quality and reasonable price, and help Chinese products go global.

TOYOCC products shall undergo strict test procedure, from raw material testing, warehouse entry testing to the final testing before delivery to ensure product quality to the greatest extent and be responsible for customers. High-standard verification is always the first priority for TOYOCC to accumulate brand power.


With the tireless efforts of elite engineers day and night, a new generation of laminating furnace has finally been successfully developed. This is a multi-faceted, multi-angle, multi-level upgrade, which will greatly improve your productivity and quality, saving great costs for you, thus create more profit.

Ø  Equipment features:

The use of wind circulation heating made, temperature equilibrium, so as to improve the quality of the products. PLC variable frequency control system, temperature control precision, the default multi section temperature control, according to the different processes can be arbitrary choice of temperature section number. High yield, low energy consumption, small footprint, is ideal for processing industry.

Ø  Equipment can be produced:

Ordinary float laminated glass, tempered laminated glass, curved laminated glass, colored laminated glass, LED glass, dimming glass, bulletproof glass, multi-layer laminated glass, wired glass, sliding door reinforcement photo glass, crystal steel floor glass, home appliance panel glass, glass corner, photo studio crystal photo glass, background wall and video wall glass, coffee table, partition screen, frame-less painting and other personalized photo glass etc.

ü  Why you should choose our products


ü  What upgrades did we do

  1.   Change the disadvantages of the side air outlet of the traditional laminating furnace equipment, upgraded to the top air outlet, so that the glass can be heated more evenly, and the heat is dispersed more quickly. The unique circulating air design not only saves energy, but also improves production quality and reduces production time.


  2. Due to the design advantage of the top air outlet, the new product adds a multi-task operating system. Double-stations can be designed on both sides of the laminating furnace, and the furnace can be cross-entered. When the furnace is heated, the sheets can be prepared on the reserved workbench, so that it will directly reduce the original waiting time during the laminating automatic operation process., greatly improving work efficiency, and increasing output. If calculated according to 8 working hours per day, two workers can produce 400 square meters of high-quality laminated glass per day.

  3. One button operation, simple and easy to learn man-machine interface


  4.  In terms of appearance, high-quality fire-retardant coating paint and high-density high-quality steel plates are used to maximize the quality, stability, and thermal insulation effect, while achieving a simple and beautiful appearance. The unique anti-overflow glue design ensures the safety of the operation and reduces waste. The size of 3030*4200*1750 can be used for laminating production of large glass, saving time and effort

  5.    Upgrade of board and appearance. The tray adopts 40 * 80 thick rectangular tube with strong anti-deformation capacity, which can bear eight layers of glass.. It is also convenient for workers to buckle the silicone bag for operation. High quality heating pipe, thickened pure copper connecting plate, fast heating, more durable.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             6

  6. The use of high-precision silicone bags has strong durability, long service life, even heating and prevention of glue overflow, and can be filled with 6-8 pieces of glass at a time.                                                                                                                                               7                                                                                                                                                                                                           98

New product launched, high discount, good quality, welcome new and old customers to contact TOYOCC. The promotion time is limited. If you have friends who are interested in the above products, you can contact TOYOCC.



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