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X-02 Double Head Glass Grinding Machine

1.Two grinding wheels inside 2.Easy attached to the washing machine 3.Separated Low-E coating removal device 4.Extensible platforms to meet your need of the large size glass 5.Bottom edge grinding device is available
  • TYRSY-NX-02


Product Description

◆ Description

The edge grinding machine is my company's fifth generation edge grinding machine, using quads sharpen edges principle and structure, with a buffer device, grinding wheel can move around, to meet the needs of the various specifications of glass edge grinding. Grinding wheel could be the diamond and resin wheel in the market, with the advantage of easily to replace the wheels, durable long using term of the machine, edge grinding effect is exquisite, decrease the rate of destruction for tempered glass.

◆ Features

  • Two diamond wheels inside

  • Easy attached to the washing machine

  • Separated Low-E coating removal device

  • Extensible platforms to meet your need of the large size glass

  • Bottom edge grinding device is available

◆ Appearance Diagram

◆ Specification





Overall size


Adaptive glass   thickness


Small platform

1090*520*850 mm

Minimum processing size


Maximum processing size


◆ Pictures Showing

Two Diamond Wheels Inside

Easy to replace, free to adjust the distance between the two wheels. 

Extension Platforma

Easy to fold, have more flexibilities for the large glass size. 

◆ Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Your machine is for rough grinding or polishing?

A: Our edging machine is for rough grinding, suitable for chamfering before the glass is tempered and insulated.


Q: Is your machine suitable for the irregular shapes make?

A: Our edging machine cannot grind the special shaped glass, because there is a row of standard wheels on the back of the platform. Our machine named DAD 2088 is workable to the irregular shaped glass, like the triangles, waves, circles, etc.


Q: What structure does the grinding wheel of this edging machine use?

A: This edging machine uses a grinding wheel structure similar to a four-side grinding machine. It has two resin wheels or two diamond wheels. The two wheels are placed one on top of the other to form an included angle. The glass passes through the angles made by the two wheels.


Q: How long can the grinding wheels be used?

A: Based on working eight hours a day, the resin wheel can be used for more than one month, and the diamond wheel can be used for six months.

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